The Last Days Are Ending

What are the last days? The last days a period of time referred to in Scripture that proceed Christ’s return in the Kingdom. This period is marked with a number of events that would clearly identify this as a troublesome period. The Bible does not indicate that all people would necessarily recognise that these are … Continue reading The Last Days Are Ending

Dealing With Pandemic Fatigue

In response to the mixed news that is appearing in different countries about how ones are dealing with the pandemic, some authorities have coined the phrase pandemic fatigue. It is true that many people feel tired and worried at the lack of clarity around the world in response to the pandemic. We may be worried … Continue reading Dealing With Pandemic Fatigue

Will The Earth Ever Be Truly Peaceful?

For the Kingdom of God does not mean eating and drinking, but means righteousness and peace and joy with holy spiritRomans 14:17 Will we see total peace? This is a great question. So many wars are being fought. So much unrest is everywhere. Issues abound. And authorities appear powerless to address the deep divisions in … Continue reading Will The Earth Ever Be Truly Peaceful?

Historic Meeting And Changes

On October 2nd 2020 we met to discuss the future of this site and to consider what to do going forward. A full review was conducted and feedback from people around the globe was taken into consideration. Based on this it was unanimously agreed that it continue and with a changed format. Work on the … Continue reading Historic Meeting And Changes

What Does The Near Future Hold?

What the near future holds. Simple Bible Truth NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God's name. It is widely used however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering below. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuway [Ya-Hu-Way] Events over the next decade are unfolding … Continue reading What Does The Near Future Hold?