The Last Days Are Ending

What are the last days? The last days a period of time referred to in Scripture that proceed Christ’s return in the Kingdom. This period is marked with a number of events that would clearly identify this as a troublesome period. The Bible does not indicate that all people would necessarily recognise that these are … Continue reading The Last Days Are Ending

We Now Have Clarity

Key Points What To Expect Counting From AD 2021 In 1935 we entered a last days period 2008 Announcement Modern Day prophecies confirm that we are near the end 2019 Announcement General Public Preaching Work to Change Worldwide For All Christian Groups 2020 Announcement Yahuwah has now revealed His Divine Name 2021 Announcement Now the … Continue reading We Now Have Clarity

First Biblical Timeline Of Key Events From Man’s Creation To Christ’s Return

Updated to reflect the revelation of God's Name BIBLE TIME LINE ADAM CREATED EVE CREATED MAN ACCEPTS ASSIGNMENT TO FILL THE EARTH AND CARE FOR IT MAN CHOOSES TO FULFILL ASSIGNMENT INDEPENDENT OF GOD GOD PROPHECIES OUTCOME OF THE TEST The time of test begins 3992 BCE – to end 2031/32 AD To be followed … Continue reading First Biblical Timeline Of Key Events From Man’s Creation To Christ’s Return

What Does The Near Future Hold?

What the near future holds. Simple Bible Truth NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God's name. It is widely used however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering below. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuway [Ya-Hu-Way] Events over the next decade are unfolding … Continue reading What Does The Near Future Hold?

Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden in plain sight. Some Mysteries are Not Such Mysteries as they Appear In recent times man has been able to build machines to move huge weights. But it took many years to be able to develop machinery to this standard. And yet, in ancient times people were able to move heavy weights, substantial blocks … Continue reading Hidden In Plain Sight

World Events – Defending Freedom

Freedom Includes Freedom to Worship God Either you have religious freedom or you don’t. Freedom of religion is in Scripture called ‘the constant feature’ because it was first challenged at the very beginning of human history. This is an important point because the constant feature is something that society will attempt to do away with. … Continue reading World Events – Defending Freedom

The ‘Generation That Will Not Pass Away’ Has Arrived

Bible students have got themselves into a lot of trouble discussing the subject of the "generation." The reference relates to words of Jesus that were spoken in connection with his reply concerning the destruction of the Jewish system of things as well as the time of his return in kingdom power. Jesus had explained that … Continue reading The ‘Generation That Will Not Pass Away’ Has Arrived

What Is The Great Babylon of Revelation?

Babylon Alive and Well Today Babylon then and today. Prophecy written 2000 years ago foretold something called the ‘Great Babylon’ to be around in the modern era. And it describes people realizing its existence and doing their best to get rid of it. So what is it? And how does it affect the world today? … Continue reading What Is The Great Babylon of Revelation?

Panic and Truth

Why So Much Fear? Around the globe people with Christian values are showing how to approach serious issues such as plagues. Peaceful, law abiding, caring. It sets a good tone. At the same time, we may wonder at these global plagues and difficulties. It is good to understand people and understand where we are in … Continue reading Panic and Truth