The Effect Of Genuine Faith

The effect of genuine faith People Of Faith Are Concerned For Others Faith in Christ brings forth a change in our personality and disposition and brings with it a sense of responsibility towards the downtrodden in society. How do we know if we have got the sense of the message of Christ? It directly relates … Continue reading The Effect Of Genuine Faith

What Is God’s Kingdom?

The word Kingdom is used over 100 times in the Gospel accounts. In the Model Prayer we are taught to pray ‘Let your Kingdom Come.’ Jesus message after the death of John the Baptist became a message the all should ‘repent for the Kingdom of the heavens has drawn near.’ Jesus spoke of the last … Continue reading What Is God’s Kingdom?

Unified By Truth And Love For Jehovah – Yahuwah

NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God's name. It is widely used however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering below. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuwah [Ya-Hu-Way] What We Believe. Bible students are active all around the earth. Independently and collectively we … Continue reading Unified By Truth And Love For Jehovah – Yahuwah

Why The Number of Memorial Partakers Has Increased

Key Points The Gathering of Those who will make up the Faithful Slave Class is underway These are earthly representatives of Gods Kingdom Some manifest wishful thinking Daniel 11:35 has also been fulfilled One of the phenomena that has been of real concern to some recently has been the increasing number of anointed ones who … Continue reading Why The Number of Memorial Partakers Has Increased

The 24 Elders Identified At Last!

The 24 Elders are Anointed Earthly Representatives of the Kingdom They are Appointed at Christs Return Jesus called them the 'Faithful and Prudent Slave' THE 24 ELDERS Who are they? Any search of the internet reveals hundreds of suggestions as to the identity of the 24 elders. Any number of explanations are available. So what … Continue reading The 24 Elders Identified At Last!

Panic and Truth

Why So Much Fear? Around the globe people with Christian values are showing how to approach serious issues such as plagues. Peaceful, law abiding, caring. It sets a good tone. At the same time, we may wonder at these global plagues and difficulties. It is good to understand people and understand where we are in … Continue reading Panic and Truth

10 Common Bible Questions

When You Have Questions The Bible Has Answers This is a set of short questions and simple answers. Scriptural support is in the longer articles posted. What is the Bible? The Bible is a collection of 66 books written over a period of approximately 1600 years. The collected books comment on God's purpose and creative … Continue reading 10 Common Bible Questions

Understanding The Times We Are In

There will be Pandemics The preaching work is complete We should worship from Home now Nations must sweep away religious organizations steeped in ideas from Babylon That God's Kingdom with Christ as King is just over a decade away That we should withdraw financial support from religions that hide the truth about Gods Coming Kingdom … Continue reading Understanding The Times We Are In