10 Signs That You Are In The True Religion


Is there a true religion? Is there a true faith? Is there any real way to know? It should be possible to know and it is possible to check. This is a simple guide to genuine Christianity. 10 Ways to know if you are looking at the true faith. The Bible is the only reliable … Continue reading 10 Signs That You Are In The True Religion

Panic and Truth

Why So Much Fear? Around the globe people with Christian values are showing how to approach serious issues such as plagues. Peaceful, law abiding, caring. It sets a good tone. At the same time, we may wonder at these global plagues and difficulties. It is good to understand people and understand where we are in … Continue reading Panic and Truth

10 Common Bible Questions

When You Have Questions The Bible Has Answers This is a set of short questions and simple answers. Scriptural support is in the longer articles posted. What is the Bible? The Bible is a collection of 66 books written over a period of approximately 1600 years. The collected books comment on God's purpose and creative … Continue reading 10 Common Bible Questions

Understanding The Times We Are In

There will be Pandemics The preaching work is complete We should worship from Home now Nations must sweep away religious organizations steeped in ideas from Babylon That God's Kingdom with Christ as King is just over a decade away That we should withdraw financial support from religions that hide the truth about Gods Coming Kingdom … Continue reading Understanding The Times We Are In