The Last Days Are Ending

What are the last days? The last days a period of time referred to in Scripture that proceed Christ’s return in the Kingdom. This period is marked with a number of events that would clearly identify this as a troublesome period. The Bible does not indicate that all people would necessarily recognise that these are … Continue reading The Last Days Are Ending

A Little Introduction

Bible Students and the Bible. A Brief History Before the Modern Era If you have been hurt by the actions of another organization and you are looking for information to prove that organization wrong you will doubtless find such information here. However that is not the purpose of this website. Jesus foretold a time of … Continue reading A Little Introduction

10 Signs That You Are In The True Religion


Is there a true religion? Is there a true faith? Is there any real way to know? It should be possible to know and it is possible to check. This is a simple guide to genuine Christianity. 10 Ways to know if you are looking at the true faith. The Bible is the only reliable … Continue reading 10 Signs That You Are In The True Religion

World Events – Defending Freedom

Freedom Includes Freedom to Worship God Either you have religious freedom or you don’t. Freedom of religion is in Scripture called ‘the constant feature’ because it was first challenged at the very beginning of human history. This is an important point because the constant feature is something that society will attempt to do away with. … Continue reading World Events – Defending Freedom

What Is The Great Babylon of Revelation?

Babylon Alive and Well Today Babylon then and today. Prophecy written 2000 years ago foretold something called the ‘Great Babylon’ to be around in the modern era. And it describes people realizing its existence and doing their best to get rid of it. So what is it? And how does it affect the world today? … Continue reading What Is The Great Babylon of Revelation?

Why The Number of Memorial Partakers Has Increased

Key Points The Gathering of Those who will make up the Faithful Slave Class is underway These are earthly representatives of Gods Kingdom Some manifest wishful thinking Daniel 11:35 has also been fulfilled One of the phenomena that has been of real concern to some recently has been the increasing number of anointed ones who … Continue reading Why The Number of Memorial Partakers Has Increased

Is Covid-19 Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

Yes Covid-19 Is Part of Bible Prophecy being fulfilled More is Yet to Happen Is this prophecy being fulfilled? For many years, in fact for approximately 200 years, readers of the Bible have pointed forward to a time when prophecy would be fulfilled on a global scale. In their exuberance sometimes they have attributed greater … Continue reading Is Covid-19 Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

Christ’s Return – Just Over A Decade Ahead.

Its Difficult To Compare The Bible and Religion Living at this time in history can be very difficult, especially if you're associated with a Christian faith. People feel let down. Yet now we must wake up to the truth. Christs return is a little over a decade away. That time will fly by. There are … Continue reading Christ’s Return – Just Over A Decade Ahead.