The Last Days Are Ending

What are the last days? The last days a period of time referred to in Scripture that proceed Christ’s return in the Kingdom. This period is marked with a number of events that would clearly identify this as a troublesome period. The Bible does not indicate that all people would necessarily recognise that these are … Continue reading The Last Days Are Ending

We Now Have Clarity

Key Points What To Expect Counting From AD 2021 In 1935 we entered a last days period 2008 Announcement Modern Day prophecies confirm that we are near the end 2019 Announcement General Public Preaching Work to Change Worldwide For All Christian Groups 2020 Announcement Yahuwah has now revealed His Divine Name 2021 Announcement Now the … Continue reading We Now Have Clarity

Dealing With Pandemic Fatigue

In response to the mixed news that is appearing in different countries about how ones are dealing with the pandemic, some authorities have coined the phrase pandemic fatigue. It is true that many people feel tired and worried at the lack of clarity around the world in response to the pandemic. We may be worried … Continue reading Dealing With Pandemic Fatigue

Why would the son of God who was teaching his disciples how to pray provide a model prayer that does not use God’s name?

What could be more incredible than to finally know God's name? For millennia this name has been concealed. Initially there is some argument that Jewish superstition was used to conceal the name. In the law covenant given to the prophet Moses, God made it clear that his name was not to be taken in vain … Continue reading Why would the son of God who was teaching his disciples how to pray provide a model prayer that does not use God’s name?

A Little Introduction

Bible Students and the Bible. A Brief History Before the Modern Era If you have been hurt by the actions of another organization and you are looking for information to prove that organization wrong you will doubtless find such information here. However that is not the purpose of this website. Jesus foretold a time of … Continue reading A Little Introduction

The Effect Of Genuine Faith

The effect of genuine faith People Of Faith Are Concerned For Others Faith in Christ brings forth a change in our personality and disposition and brings with it a sense of responsibility towards the downtrodden in society. How do we know if we have got the sense of the message of Christ? It directly relates … Continue reading The Effect Of Genuine Faith