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Simple Genuine Bible Truth. It shouldn’t be hard. When Jesus spoke it was simple, genuine, honest and plain truth. People heard genuine truth and developed genuine hope and genuine faith. The gospel accounts contain lots of plain stories that communicated genuine Bible truths in words that were easy to understand. They saw clearly how to worship God. They had faith in Christs love and that he would return in Kingdom Power to save mankind.

Jesus Showed A Different Way

The disciples took those simple genuine truths and shared them with people wherever they went. Truth has a quality that resonates with us. It builds real faith. We get to know God’s name and can build a close personal relationship with Jehovah or by His real name Yahuwah. Genuine Bible truth makes us stop and think and realize that there is real hope for the future. When Bible truth touches lives it makes them better. We gain hope. Simple truth is not a money making exercise. When the truth found in the Bible touches your life you want to share it. Bible truth makes you happy.

You Are Loved By God

Knowing that God really cares for you personally takes away loneliness. The truth is simple and clear. Knowing that Yahuwah loves you gives you a warm glow. Genuine Truth, Genuine Hope & Genuine Faith. This is spiritual food at the proper time. It is a gift from God. Elijah has arrived and the words are now available. NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God’s name. It is widely used however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering below. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuwah [Ya-Hu-Way]

God’s Personal Name is Yahuwah [pronounced Ya-Hu-Way] and is often represented as Jehovah in English. Jehovah is a mistranslation of the name that has become widely used. It is time for an enlightened society to respectfully use God’s name again.

is there a true religion?
is there a true religion?
Elijah The Prophet. Simple Bible Truth
Jehovah's Witness. The True Religion.

Answers To Important Questions Are Right Here

Which Bible To Read?

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Getting Past The Lies And Deceit

Many people are rightly disappointed by religion regardless of faith. But this was prophesied by Jesus. See why we must push past the things we’ve been told and trust in Jesus

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Happy Is the one who knows the truth
Knowing The Truth About The Last Days Brings Happiness