A Calm Heart Is Good For You

We had an excellent response to the article on pandemic fatigue. Some have commented that they worry a great deal due to things that are happening in different parts of the world, and they suffer with anxiety. This is a follow-up article to the article on pandemic fatigue.

Limiting your exposure to negative news stories.

Unwittingly or perhaps intentionally some news outlets sensationalize negative stories. If you watch every negative story that is currently available, it will heighten your anxiety. The Bible emphasizes the need for a calm heart. Proverbs 14:30 reads “a calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body.” Some have commented that some of the news stories almost have an addictive feel about them. You may need to watch each and every story to keep up to date with the. However, this can take away any tendency towards peace and calm. It might also be noted that whereas one news outlet reports a story one way another news outlet will report the same story in a very different way. As a result, it is all very confusing and disconcerting. What really is true?

So, it is a good idea to limit the amount of time that is spent watching confusing new stories. Keep up to date with specific information provided by the authorities and take steps for your protection and safety.

Be well supplied at home.

This site has been emphasizing the importance of having sufficient supplies on hand for several days, including food, water and medicines. It is a good idea to prepare as if you may have to camp at home. Imagine that you did not have access to electricity or gas. What would you do for lighting? What would you do as far as food and water is concerned? Having sufficient supplies on hand for several days will make you ready in case of an emergency. This has been highlighted on this site for some years now and we would like to again emphases how important this point is.

A routine is good for you.

As was previously mentioned, it is a particularly good idea to have a good day to day routine. There is something reassuring about normality, keeping things normal. Having a routine is easily illustrated. If you consider what it is like coming home when you been on your travels for a long period of time. You come home and everything is in its familiar place. You take a familiar mug out of the cupboard and make a drink yourself. It feels right. Having a normal routine at home is exactly like that. If you can have a sense of routine and you can go about your day-to-day business in the normal manner it will help to deal with the anxiety that that may flood in from the way that the news stories regarding Covid 19 are reported.

Spend some time in prayer.

James 4:8 we read, “come close to God and he will come close to you.” Having a sense of God’s blessing in our lives is an extremely important thing, and this was part of the message that was taught by Jesus. Jesus encouraged his followers to draw close to God. He encouraged regular prayer and confidence in God. God’s kingdom is the only hope for mankind’s future. And the more that we recognise this, the safer and secure we will feel. Yahuwah is a loving and kind heavenly father. He loves His children and is coming to rescue us. Jesus as head of the Kingdom will make all things new. You can take this promise as ironclad.

Avoid burdens of organized religion

There are many things that we can do to cope with the time that we are living. One thing is to avoid the burdens of religious organizations who are determined to keep taking advantage of their members.

Jesus established a manner of life

Christ did not establish congregations or churches, he established a way of living, Christianity is a way of life and it was practiced at home. It is for this reason that we use the website christiansathome.org. Christians at home recognizes the truth about the way that Jesus operated. Could Jesus followers have acquired halls for meetings? Surely, they could. Instead, Jesus met with them in their homes. This same pattern was adopted by Christians in the first century as the disciples took the message of the Christ, to far-flung parts of the world.

The home is key

In John 14: 2 Jesus said, “in my father’s house there are many dwelling places.” He used the example of a house or a home. In Israel, God established a temple in Jerusalem, but then had each home be a place of worship with the family, taking the lead in this. God could have organized many locations for worship, but he had the one temple, and each house was the way in which a family would worship. Jesus established the same thing in the first century. Matthew eight we read of Jesus going into Peter’s house. In Matthew, nine, we read of Jesus visiting a house and teaching. He visits the house of a ruler and teachers. Jesus spoke of coming to the house of Israel. In Matthew 10 Jesus spoke of the ministry to people’s homes. Being received into their house or home. Jesus chose to enjoy the Passover in the upper room in a house. True, he did visit the synagogue, but only the synagogue of an arrangement that was about to be done away with through his own death.

In John 20. The Bible reports a meeting with the resurrected Jesus, who were gathered in the house. In Romans 16:5 Paul speaks to the congregation that meets in the house of a family there in Asia. He speaks of the household in verse 10. In Hebrews 10:25. The apostle Paul said that we should “not forsake the assembling together as believers, as some have the habit but to continue to gather together to warn urge and encourage one another and all the more so as you behold, the day approaching.” He was referring to meeting in the home which was what was being done throughout the Hebrew world at that time. The Christian congregation in the first century did not build buildings, halls, or churches. They met in homes to consider what was found in the Scripture, and to encourage one another to wait for the return of the Christ. Therefore, Christians at home is the very church that Jesus himself directed. In the Bible book of Revelation we are warned that if we are part of organized religion we should get out of this arrangement, so that we do not share in its sins. It is difficult for those involved in a cult to respond to this because cults need to control their members and to do that, they need to gather them together so that they receive the same instruction. Genuine Christians do not see the need to be part of such an arrangement and reserve the right to think carefully about what they are hearing. They carefully examine what they are learning in the light of Scripture, not in the light of printed information from an organization.

If asked simply say “I’m a Christian and I worship God at home.”

In any event, we hope that you will continue to come back regularly for any updates and information that we provide here. We will never ask you to become part of an organization. However, we certainly encourage all Christians to become Christians at home and if they are asked what sort of person they are to simply say “I am a Christian and I worship God at home.” If you do this, you are following the pattern set by Christ.

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