The Last Days Are Ending

What are the last days?

The last days a period of time referred to in Scripture that proceed Christ’s return in the Kingdom. This period is marked with a number of events that would clearly identify this as a troublesome period. The Bible does not indicate that all people would necessarily recognise that these are the last days but they would recognise that we are living in critical times and that the earth has much in the way of tribulation. Recognition of this has been particularly marked in the 21st century with the advent of better forms of communication.

When did the last days begin?

The last days began in the first half of the 20th century shortly before the commencement of World War II.

What is the sign of the last days?

The sign of the last days refers to specific things that the Bible detailed would take place. These are overlapping prophecies. Prophecies from the book of Daniel, the gospel accounts, Paul’s letter to Timothy and the Bible book of Revelation would all occur over the same period of time.

What specific features of the last days does the Bible list?

Jesus described a period of time in which conditions on the earth would be particularly difficult including most of the normal features of history. He spoke of wars, earthquakes, famines, pestilence and so forth. 
Later in the Bible book of Revelation Jesus revealed that this period would be marked by the right of the horsemen of the apocalypse. The first of these would cast Satan down to the earth whereupon he would immediately attack the children of Abraham or the Jews. This was marked in the period leading up to and including much of World War II. The second involves the use of huge weapons of war and came into effect when atomic bombs were used towards the end of World War II. Atomic weapons would take peace away from the Earth. Following World War II the earth would continue to suffer with famines diseases and so forth being a marked feature of worldwide conditions. Despite mankind being in what is regarded as the most advanced period in history, the human family is continually affected by problems. Jesus indicated that this would be the case when he said that one of the signs of the last days would be that people would become fearful as a state of thinking.

Do textual errors negate the Bibles teaching?

All Bible scholars agree that the Bible contains textual inaccuracies. However a Bible scholar would be offended at the thought that the Bible’s overall is an inaccurate representation of the thoughts of the writers. Textual inaccuracies include transposing of words such as for example writing Christ Jesus instead of writing Jesus Christ. The substance is the same though it is texturally inaccurate. The substance or core message or gist of the Bible accounts is accurate. However the wording has been affected through the many times that the message has been copied. Therefore any scholarly approach to understanding the Bible takes into account the textual changes and it is a good approach to look for more than one reference to the same subject rather than accepting a single verse or a single comment that may not be supported elsewhere in the Bible message in that specific wording.

Does the Bible claim that every word would be the same as originally transcribed?

The Bible specifically says that all Scripture is inspired of God however it does not say that he preserved every word exactly as it was written. Over the centuries there have been many attempts to destroy the Bible, many of these driven by religious organisations. However the Bible has survived and thrived being one of the most translated books and most widely printed books on earth. There are many different versions of the Bible that say the same thing but using different wording or different language. It is not the specific words as such that necessarily count but they must accurately reflect the thought or gist of the account: which is what they do. Therefore the Bible is an accurate book.

What is God’s Kingdom?

God’s kingdom is a recurring theme in the Bible. God’s kingdom is a heavenly governmental authority and is directed by Jesus and his apostles who were faithful alongside him in the first century. The Bible indicates that there may be more members of the kingdom however it also explains that Jesus will arrive in kingdom power with the angels with him and therefore there is no need for a large governmental arrangement. The kingdom will change conditions on the earth and give mankind the opportunity to live forever in a perfect human society and perfect conditions.

How would we know that Jesus has returned in Kingdom power?

Whereas Jesus birth was heralded by angels and a heavenly chorus on a smaller scale, Jesus return will be somewhat more glorious. Jesus spoke of returning in Kingdom power and sitting on a glorious throne with angels alongside. Therefore, Jesus return is not something that is a secret. It will be visible and all mankind will be aware of it. In Matthew 24:27 Jesus’ own words explain “For just as the lightening flashes in the east and shines and is seen far to the west, so the coming of the Son of Man [Jesus] will be.” Matthew 24:30 “… they will see the Son of Man [Jesus] coming on the clouds of heaven in great glory and splendour”  The initial reaction on the part of some will be fearful according to the Bible book of revelation  however the following verses in Revelation indicate a huge welcoming response and describe a great crowd that come out of the great tribulation that we are living through.

What will God’s Kingdom accomplish?

God’s Kingdom will explain what mankind has been going through and correct all injustice. It will put Satan the devil,  an enemy of mankind away from the Earth and destroy his demon angels in the battle of Armageddon. God’s Kingdom will direct the work of restoring the earth to a paradise and oversee the resurrection of all dead mankind with the opportunity to learn about God and his purpose and the opportunity to live forever.

Who will benefit from the Kingdom?

All mankind have the opportunity to benefit from the Kingdom. We have been living life in ignorance of God and his purposes. We can be likened to orphans who have been cut off from our family. In effect we were stolen from God.  Now our father is coming to rescue us from the conditions that we are in. Satan the devil is the person who stole us away from the family of God and now God is coming to rescue his family. He uses Jesus as the head of the kingdom or king of the kingdom with a small number of associates who will rule along with Christ in directing the restoration.

How does Paul’s letter to the Galatians help us live wisely during these last days?

Paul’s letter to the Galatians emphasises that we are free. We are free of religious ignorance and false religious ideas. However it does not suggest that we should use our freedom as a basis for wrongdoing. We are free but we should use this freedom to do good. 

We were rescued to some degree when we came to have accurate knowledge of God. In Galatians 5 verse 16 Paul encourages us to walk worthily and live in harmony with the guiding spirit. He further argues that the works of the flesh and the works of the spirit are obvious. We should focus on doing things that involve showing genuine love, joy peacefulness patience kindness goodness benevolence faithfulness gentleness meekness self-control. If we focus on doing good in the way that we live in an honest and upright way this is good in God’s eyes.  We must also do good to our neighbours . Then we are using our freedom in the right way and we prove ourselves ready to listen to Christ as the head of the kingdom

What can you do to live safely and wisely through these last days?

You can share the truth with others. Why not share a link to this article with others or a link to this website to others? Why not support the work that is being done here? Something remarkable is shortly going to occur on this earth. You can be part of it and part of the change that is going to happen.

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