We Now Have Clarity

Key Points

What To Expect Counting From AD 2021

In 1935 we entered a last days period

2008 Announcement Modern Day prophecies confirm that we are near the end

2019 Announcement General Public Preaching Work to Change Worldwide For All Christian Groups

2020 Announcement Yahuwah has now revealed His Divine Name

2021 Announcement Now the Ride of the fourth Horseman will reach an all time high for almost a decade and society will be forced to change

25 million will die

Genuine Bible Truth. It isn’t difficult to find genuine Bible truth. This is especially true of the last days. Don’t be caught out by religious groups that present flawed reading on scriptures.

Are we in the time of the end described by the Bible and briefly mentioned by Jesus?

Because so many people have debunked groups that have put forward less than reasonable ideas on the time of the end it would appear that there are mixed feelings on this topic. Some have used flawed chronology. Some have selected a series of dates when they believed the end would come. Some have tried to draw links from historical texts in the Bible and try to suggest a prophetic significance. Some have selected verses at random from areas of the Bible and somehow tried to apply these to a time.

The result is that many people have worked themselves up believing in a date only to find themselves disappointed.

In the modern day there have been many who have claimed special insight and been so emboldened as to name dates. 1914, 1918, 1919, 1925, 1975, 2000 and more. How the list goes on. Yet the earth is still here and there is apparently no evidence of the Christ coming in the clouds with power and glory. But this would be a flawed conclusion.

Jehovah God recognized that this would occur. Yahuwah is God’s name. Often mistranslated as Jehovah. Thankfully while reproach has been brought on the name Jehovah, God’s real name has been left unsullied

​​Signs of The last Days.

simple Bible Truth. Jehovah's Witness Elijah Last Days

The last days have unfolded in a recognizable manner.

In 1935 the last days began with the ousting of Satan from the heavens along with his demons. These immediately sought to establish a counterfeit kingdom on the earth and also to attack the descendants of Abraham as seen in events in Germany and Europe.

​​On August 6th  and August 9th 1945, atomic weapons were used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The use of these two weapons confirmed that the last days were progressing after heavenly events. The red horseman now had his ‘Great Sword’ or great weapon that took peace away from the earth.


Horsemen of Revelation

​​The horsemen of the apocalypse

Christ is the first rider and he cast Satan out of heaven in 1935

Atomic weapons used and available take a sense of peace from the earth

Widespread shortages make most people concerned at the cost of living

The rise of illnesses causing death

Death and killing become commonplace in locations around the world

Following This We See More Bible Prophecies Being Fulfilled.

  • ​​The rise of conflicting ‘Christian’ faiths all claiming powerful works
  • ​​The existence of many types of Christian faith most of whose members are asleep to Christ’s return
  • ​​The rise of the ridiculers condemning religious ideas
  • ​​People leaving religion in large numbers as they sense it’s end is near
  • ​​Heightened anxiety among people in general when looking to the future
  • ​​The rise of ‘people power’ changing the way governments can operate

Events are unfolding in Parallel​​

What Jesus has done. A Global Preaching Campaign.

​​Jesus set a preaching work in motion. Jesus foretold that there would be a great preaching work in all the earth. However he counseled his disciples that they wouldn’t be able to reach everyone.

The preaching work would be a global work. However just as in the first century, the preaching work was said to reach the whole earth but did not reach into Africa, the Americas or China, the same would also be true today. The preaching work is a sign of the last days and particularly since 1935 it has been a major feature of the last days. Many Bible societies have printed excellent editions of the Bible. Some of these have specifically focused on the most accurate translation of the Gospels which contain the specific message that Jesus wanted preaching. In Matthew chapter 28:20 Jesus specifically said “teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you and behold I am with you all the days and on every occasion to the conclusion of the age.”

The preaching work conveys a simple message. The message of the Christ.

What Yahuwah has done.

Through the prophet Malachi ,Yahuwah explained that HE would raise up His prophet Elijah in the last days. That Elijah would correct the inaccurate thoughts being expressed in God’s name. God has blessed many things being done to promote the Bible truth and yet cannot allow things to continue as they are. Jesus himself explained that at the time of the end religion based around some Christian teaching would look like a field of wheat and weeds that look similar. This is exactly what we see today.

Since 2008 Truth has been available. Not with any great signs or portents but with simple accurate truth. Before Christ returns in approximately a decade from today, Truth and accurate knowledge will continue to be shared.

  • in 2008 Elijah prophesied the rise of artificial intelligence that would pry into all aspects of life
  • In 2008 Elijah revealed God’s displeasure that the memorial of Christs death was being used in a recruitment drive rather than with proper honor and respect
  • in 2012 Elijah prophesied a change of focus in the preaching work
  • in 2012 Elijah prophesied that the first congregations would stumble
  • in 2019 Elijah prophesied that the global preaching work as it had been done would now end
  • in 2019 Elijah prophesied that the Memorial of Christs death would be moved to a home celebration and memorial
  • in 2019 Elijah asked readers to put away some extra supplies into their storerooms in readiness
  • in 2020 Elijah revealed God’s name Yahuwah
  • in 2020 Elijah explained that the pandemic is a key feature of the ride of the horsemen of the apocalypse
  • In 2021 Elijah prophesied that the pandemic and its associated plagues would extend for almost a decade with over 25 million deaths
  • In 2021 Elijah explained that the first congregation are stumbling

The proof of Divine blessing is accuracy of prophecy and the outcomes.

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