Shrinking Religions

A number of religious organizations have seen a decline in membership in recent times. This is no surprise. When all of the food on the table is consumed and what is left is unpalatable it is not surprising that people would turn away and look elsewhere. For some time there has been very little in the way of spiritual insight provided by most religions and what has been provided is confusing.

In discussing this point it was Jesus who said that on his return people would go to him and say “but we did all these powerful works in your name.” And then Jesus said that he would reply to them “I never knew you” indicating that while they had claimed to do powerful works in his name they had not really understood the import of what Jesus was saying or been known by him or recognized by him as doing work in his name.

Today many organizations claim to do powerful works in his name and in God’s name. Yet why do so many thousands leave these religious organizations each year? If people genuinely felt safe and secure wouldn’t they stay? Not necessarily. In Jesus day thousands felt happy in his presence and they appreciated his miracles and yet following his death the Bible records that just 120 approximately were gathered together in a room in Jerusalem. Where were the thousands? They were concerned because of Jesus death and were now unsure what to do. However on that same evening when the apostle Peter explained the significance of prophecy the Bible records that thousands joined the faith because now they had a clear direction.

Today, NO organizations have been able to predict exactly what is occurring on the earth at this time. Some for example thought that the ride of the four horsemen of the apocalypse occurred early in the 20th century. They miss read the Scriptures. Time and again their predictions were proven false. So they changed them. And how many organizations encouraged people to put away food and provisions for at least 14 days so as to be able to handle the difficulties that would come. Readers to this site know that this information has been accurately shared and genuinely explained over the years.

Regardless though of your faith and background we invite you to carefully examine the organization to which you belong. Does it clearly simply consistently and accurately explain the Bible or does it continually change its belief and provide confusing explanations? Does it say that Christ is returning and explain what you need to do to get ready for Christ return? Does it reveal to you the importance of using God’s name and has it been used as the channel to release the accurate pronunciation of the divine name?

Many readers to this site have left various religious organizations and are wary of joining another. However Jesus did not foretell an organization. He foretold Christians who would follow his teachings and wait for his return. So if you have left a religious organization or have woken up to the inaccuracies in your organization may we respectfully suggest that you do not do anything to attack that organization or its members. Describing the last days Jesus kindly suggested that all of the religious organizations on earth that claim to be Christian would effectively be asleep. It was a kindly way of putting it. But you have woken up. Enjoy the freedom that comes from knowing the truth and do not feel any trepidation at events coming on the earth. As the years unfold before Christ returned you will receive plenty of information that will help you to be ready for when that time comes.

For now you simply need to be the very best person that you can be living Christian values and treating others as you would like to be treated yourself.

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