Dealing With Pandemic Fatigue

In response to the mixed news that is appearing in different countries about how ones are dealing with the pandemic, some authorities have coined the phrase pandemic fatigue. It is true that many people feel tired and worried at the lack of clarity around the world in response to the pandemic. We may be worried as to whether or not a specific vaccine is safe to use. Then, what about the variance in terms of the virus with different strains appearing? The response to the pandemic has clearly illustrated just how fragile the global community is in different parts of the world.

True Christians know that just before Christ’s return people would be fearful because of events occurring on the earth. The Bible consistently foretold this with Jesus emphasizing that people would be so fearful that it would affect them emotionally. In the Bible book of Revelation in the time period that leads up to Christ’s return the Bible speaks of the ride of the horsemen of the apocalypse. The account clearly shows that these riders would be spaced out. We can see what is occurring around the earth today and we are left in no doubt that the rider of the horsemen picturing pestilence is one that was reserved for our time. Death rides close behind and at the time of writing, there is no consistent reduction in deaths around the world.

How can we reduce pandemic fatigue?

  • Firstly, do not try to follow all the different news stories from around the world. Many are confusing and concerning and contain inaccuracies. Some of the conspiracy ideas that are contained in some stories beggar belief. Choose what you are going to use as a news source based on its accuracy rather than any tendency towards sensationalism.
  • Secondly, make sure that you maintain a good routine as far as balancing rest and recreation is concerned. A lack of rest and sleep consumes energy and when this is combined with stress and anxiety it will naturally make you feel ill regardless of the pressures around you. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well and getting the rest and recreation that you need.
  • Thirdly, try to limit your use of electronic tools such as tablets and mobile phones and feeling that you need to be heavily involved in social media et cetera. This has created a measurable level of stress and anxiety. It is a good idea to set a timer when sitting down to use such devices with an alarm that sounds after a given period such as for example after one hour. You may be surprised at how quickly the hour passes. If you are productive rather than a passive spectator spending time on social media you will find that your health will be better.
  • Fourthly, stay up-to-date with local government warnings and updates which provide the sort of information that you need in order to behave safely. Do not feel that you need to fight every cause that comes along. Christians have been consistently recognized for their ability to display good judgement when it comes to following government direction without getting involved in politics. Follow the direction in aspects of safety.
  • Finally you can draw strength from the assurance that these events are leading up to the time of Christ’s return. Christ is going to return in approximately a decade from the time of writing these words. It is true that many so-called Christian organizations do not really know what is happening. They cannot give any certainty or assurance in regard to Christ’s return. But the reality is that it was foretold and events that are unfolding on the earth now give solid assurance that exactly what was foretold is occurring.

Sadly, many so-called Christian organizations have obscured the truth about the Christ and his return. But this does not change the fact that Christ is returning. You can pray to our God Yahuwah [sometimes called Jehovah] and he will pour out his spirit to give you strength because you are genuinely interested in the truth about God and Christ. You will find that if you pray specifically for peace and calm and you follow the suggestions listed above you will enjoy a real measure of peace.

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