We Are Getting Excited… Are You?

In the 1930s the time of waiting for the end times to begin concluded. According to the Bible book of Revelation Satan the devil and his demon associates were cast down to the earth and exactly as described in Revelation they attacked the descendants of Abraham. Who could possibly fail to recognise this fulfilment in what occurred in the realm of Nazi Germany.

Towards the end of World War II atomic weapons were unleashed in Japan and for the first time in war mankind was able to come to grips with what total warfare could mean. It could easily mean global destruction.

The fulfilment of Bible prophecy in this regard is so obvious that it beggars belief that people fail to recognise what this prophecy means.

The Bible describes the ride of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The first of these is Jesus who casts the devil and his cohorts out of heaven.

The second is the rise of new, more deadly warfare in which a great sword is unleashed or ultimate killing weapon which was seen when atomic warfare was used. (And just so the genuine Bible students wouldn’t miss the point, the Bible always confirms things with two instances. Hence two bombs were dropped.)

Subsequent eras saw the ride of the third horsemen in the form of famine.

What is particularly perverse about the famine depicted in the Bible book of Revelation is the fact that the earth has significant amounts of food available and in fact could feed every person on the planet with ease. However, man’s history has reached the point where he is unwilling to selflessly feed the poor. No profit therefore no motive for taking action. Hence, famine exists on a global scale.

In vast areas of the earth at the time of writing there are approximately the same number of undernourished people on the planet as there are people who are obese. In fact, twice as many people are overweight compared to the number who are undernourished, which is almost 1 billion people. Nearly 800 million people have no access to safe drinking water and over 850 million people are undernourished. At the same time the world chopped down over 5 million ha of forest, creates over 11 million ha of desert and releases nearly 10 million tons of toxic chemicals into the environment in the average year. Man seems determined to bring about his own destruction.

In Revelation the description of the fourth horsemen of the apocalypse overlaps the third because both indicate unnatural death.

In Revelation the description of the fourth horsemen of the apocalypse overlaps the third because both indicate unnatural death. Either through famine or pestilence, unnatural death will intensify through this period before Christ return. Food shortage, pestilence and also death as a result of wild beasts are definitely indicated.

Do not underestimate the accuracy of Bible prophecy. Bible prophecy predicts accurately what will happen in a given period.

Specifically, the ride of the four horsemen indicates that they will be given authority in specific ways and over a specific number of people.

“And I saw and look a pale horse, the one seated upon it had a name, and it was death. The grave was following closely behind him. And authority was given them over the fourth part of the earth. To kill with a long sword, with food shortage, with pestilence and also by the wild beasts of the earth.”

Revelation 6:8

So we see that the pale horse with death following close behind refers to unnatural death and the effects of warfare, food shortage, pestilence, & the wild beasts of the earth, affecting one quarter of the earth.

We know that the combined effects of warfare food shortage and the more aggressive nature of animals, particularly sea creatures in different parts of the earth combine to affect approximately 1 billion people at the current moment.

Therefore, we can only conclude that the effects of pestilence will affect the same total. Pestilence in various forms should affect in one way or another, 1 billion people before the ride of the four horsemen is considered to be complete.

The plague of Justinian is still currently regarded as the most deadly plague of history because it killed between 33% and 40% of the world population. Between 541 CE to 767 CE. This was a huge death toll, percentage wise.

In this instance, Revelation is indicating that the overall death toll [from a percentage point of view] from the disease, warfare, food shortage and the beasts of the earth will be less than the effect of the plague of Justinian. However, the fact that the Bible clearly refers to these having authority over one quarter of the earth indicates that they will have an effect upon approximately 2 billion people in total.

The global impact of Covid 19 affecting people directly or indirectly points to the ride of this fourth horsemen with death following close behind as being in full swing.

Revelation does not indicate how long the ride of the fourth horsemen extends but it is noteworthy that it will conclude with Christ’s return. As we have already explained on this site Christ’s return is approximately 10 years away and at that time, much of what is hidden will be finally revealed.

We can take comfort in this advance knowledge of events.

Genuine Bible students may need to evaluate whether they are reading the Bible and drawing accurate conclusions, or simply trying to promote a particular point of view regardless of what the Bible actually says from an overall perspective.

For the rest of us, we need to draw comfort from Christ’s imminent return. It will be difficult for society as a whole to have the humility to recognise what has been happening and why. But in Christ return there will be answers and judgement.

2020 is also the year when God revealed the accurate pronunciation of His name.

“Psalm 83:18 “You, whose name is Yahuwah, are the most High over all the earth.”

Yahuwah is God’s personal name. [Pronounced Yah-Who-A]

We cannot even begin to convey how wonderful it is to be able to speak to God using his personal name. This makes 2020 a particularly wonderful year from so many perspectives.

We are getting rather excited. Are you?

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