Unified By Truth And Love For Jehovah – Yahuwah

NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God’s name. It is widely used however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering below. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuwah [Ya-Hu-Way]

What We Believe.

Bible students are active all around the earth. Independently and collectively we believe the same things having drawn the same conclusions from scripture. It is time for bible students to work together to ensure that an up-to-date and accurate set of Bible based beliefs are shared by all of us.

In this way we are free of the limits of organizations and can promote the truth regarding God, Jesus and the marvelous future that we can all look forward to. Given that Christ’s return is just over a decade away it is important for Christians to be unified in love and truth. As foretold by Malachi, Elijah has appeared in the form of a modern day prophet and word. This was to occur as the last sign before all the major remaining events occur. So now we can see matters coming to a head.

Set out below is a unifying set of beliefs and statements. Love is the identifying mark of true Christians. It is loving to teach the truth. This is simple Bible truth. Join us in believing the Bible’s core teachings free of religious intolerance or organizational rules. As we await the return of the Christ [in just over a decade at the time of writing 2020] when all things will be revealed and we will truly get to know Yahuway our Heavenly Father, we can take comfort in what has been shared with us. Jehovah has preserved these simple Bible truths for our benefit. NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God’s name. It is widely used however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering below. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuway [Ya-Hu-Way]

There is One God and His Name is Yahuwah

We believe in one all powerful God. God is our creator and life giver. [Psalms 83:18 ‘That people may know that you are alone the one, whose name is Jehovah. You alone are the Most High over the earth.’] His name in scripture is Yahuway. It literally means that he can ‘become whatever he needs to be to fulfill His purpose’ and that He can empower others to fulfill a variety of roles with His spirit. At creation He was the creator, He was a father to Jesus, He was a deliverer to the Israelites and He was a conqueror against the Canaanites. He can become whatever He chooses to become. He is the hearer of prayer and the author of the Bible. Quite simply, Jehovah is our father. [Psalms 65:2 ‘Oh hearer of prayer, to you people of all the earth will come.’] Only here on the earth is there any rebellion against His direction and this world is far from perfect as a result. Soon, using Jesus as His representative, the troubles that we experience will be done away. What a different life awaits all who are humble enough to respect Jehovah. It is because we love our father Yahuwah that this site exists. See Appendix

The Bible is God’s Inspired Word

This Really is GOD’S WORD

We believe that the Bible in its entirety is the inspired word of God. That men were inspired to write its content and that its theme centers on man being deceived into rejecting God’s guidance. From this point it focuses on the manner in which Jehovah helps mankind to return to His family and ultimately enjoy everlasting life in peace. As our Creator and Father, Jehovah – Yahuway is deeply concerned for each one of us. At the same time He respects free will and does not simply take it away because man chose badly. The Bible clearly demonstrates His love and concern for humanity and His determination to solve the problems that we have created for ourselves.

Elijah The Prophet. Simple Bible Truth
Jehovah's Witness. The True Religion.

We accept that Yahuwayh allowed a certain amount of latitude in the way that certain things were recorded which allows for the human influence on the account and therefore we are careful when reading God’s word to determine the intent of what God recorded. [2Timothy3:16 ‘That all Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching all things for reproving, for setting things straight and for disciplining in righteousness.’]

NOTE: Whereas some fall into the trap of focusing on individual words and miss the point of the verse, we read the verse and note its meaning and intent and as a result understand what Jehovah is conveying.

Jesus is God’s Son.

We accept the simple Bible truth that Jesus is God’s son. The first creation of God. That he is the ‘master worker’ who worked alongside Jehovah in all subsequent creation. When God’s earthly family was deceived into leaving God’s universal family with our shortened life span as a result, Jesus was immediately available and willing to assist humanity out of the present difficulties. Just as Jesus worked with Jehovah in creation, he plays the key role in bringing man back to perfection. Jesus, described in Scripture as the first creation, always takes the lead on his father’s behalf. He is also willing to delegate and show respect for others even as his Father always showed respect for others, extending to them dignity and certain rights that are crucial for people to exist as independent individuals. [Luke 1:32 ‘This one is the son of the most high God Jehovah.’ Elijah 3:4 “…“In the beginning I was Yahuway alone. In time I created a son and he was created like me. Into him I put the essence of everything good and into him I placed life and so he came to be beside me. He was like me but different and I grew to love him very much. In time we chose to create others and so we brought forth the sons of God and brought forth the stars and the heavens and finally the earth of mankind……]

The Holy Spirit is God’s Power.

We accept the simple Bible truth that the Holy Spirit is God’s power. Yahuway’s power expressed, or in use, was the force behind creation. It empowered individuals to prophecy. It empowered miracles. It empowers God’s people. It inspired the writing of the Bible. When we pray for God’s spirit then God in turn responds by sending that spirit to assist us. We accept the overwhelming evidence in Scripture that the Holy Spirit is not a person but rather God’s active force. Recognizing the truth allows us to draw on God’s Holy Spirit full-strength and comfort. [2Peter 1:21 ‘Men spoke by God as they were moved by his Holy Spirit.’] NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God’s name. It is widely used however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering below. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuway [Ya-Hu-Way]

NOTE: It takes only a little research to see that the trinity doctrine originated long before any part of the Bible was recorded and that, as the Christian message was taken to different parts of the earth, some incorporated the trinity doctrine into mainstream Christianity in an effort to appease the populous. Making the Holy Spirit a person instead of a force was part of this deception.

That Man’s Enemy is a Fallen Angel.


We accept the simple Bible truth that at the beginning of mans history, a fallen angel deceived mankind into believing that we could live forever independent of God and fully populate the earth while maintaining paradise conditions on the earth. This one is known in scripture as Satan or Devil.
He is man’s enemy and will be destroyed once perfect conditions are restored to the earth. In general, this Satan or Devil stays in the background but the Scriptures ensure that his activity is highlighted and ultimately he will be brought to justice. He is an enemy of mankind and we steer clear of everything having to do with spiritualism recognizing the danger of showing an interest in fallen angels. [John 12:31 ‘And there is a judging of the world and the ruler of the world is to be cast out.’ 1John5:19 ‘the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.’ Elijah 3:12 “And this cherub became called Satan and Devil for he was a slanderer and resistor of mine….”Elijah 3:13 “In the meantime this beautiful cherub began to conspire with other angels and so he formed a heavenly arrangement of angels. For rulership over the earth was what they sought. Satan became only one of many. And thus Satan has led the rebellion against the heavens. He it was who led the sons of God to earth in the days before the flood of Noah. He it was that encouraged Nimrod to become a mighty hunter in opposition to me, even hunting men. He it was that promoted conquests on earth and had I not placed limits upon him he would have destroyed mankind in great warfare. And perfection he has hidden.”]

NOTE: Many groups fail to perceive the full import of the enmity of Satan. Jesus called him the ruler of the world. Paul explained that Satan turns himself into an ‘angel of light’ or a deceiver who hides behind a cloak of respectability.

That We Are Living in The Last Days of Satan’s Challenge

We accept the simple Bible truth that man was given an assignment from God to fill the earth and extend paradise over the earth. A time was set for this to be accomplished. The proceeding accounts regarding creative days explained that God is a God of order with a timetable and men accepted the challenge to fulfill this commission. This commission was received and accepted well before Adam’s choice to support Satan. God had in mind working with the human family to provide guidance and life. Satan had another idea in mind and actually believed that man would live forever without God’s guidance and even had the capacity to achieve perfection and perfect conditions on the earth without God. He was self-delusional and sadly in the process he deluded mankind’s representatives in the person of Adam and Eve. [Genesis 3 ‘you will not die. For God knows that when you eat the fruit you will be like God, not needing God, knowing good and bad for yourselves.’]

Mankind chose to side with Satan and his challenge against Jehovah. Man essentially chose to fulfill his assignment or prove his independence by fulfilling the assignment without God’s help. In poetic language the Bible describes the truth that Christ would return as God spokesman at the conclusion of an allotted period of time to determine the results. We are nearing the time when Christ will return to judge the results. We are in the last days of this period before Christs return. When Christ returns a lot of answers will be revealed and all mankind will finally get a clear understanding of the truth of our life experience. When the Bible uses the term last days it should not be somehow misapplied to Armageddon but rather to the challenge which is in its final days. [Elijah 2:22 “…And all men will know the truth when the son comes and he teaches clarity….”

NOTE: This is one of the keys to fully understanding the Bible and its account. Man had already accepted the assignment to fill the earth and exercise dominion before his fall from grace. When we understand that God gives rights and assignments and respects free will, much of the Bible becomes an open book. The last days is a Bible expression. However it is the last days for the time period allotted for mans assignment that is under discussion. [Genesis 1:28 “God blessed them. And God said to them “Breed and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it, and exercise dominion over the fishes of the sea and the birds of the sky and all the animals that move about on the earth”]

Elijah The Prophet. Simple Bible Truth
Jehovah's Witness. The True Religion.

We Accept Bible Chronology

Jehovah’s Timetable of Events is in Scripture

We follow Bible chronology which shows that with Jerusalem’s destruction in 586BCE the world entered a time period referred to as the ‘Time of the Nations.’ This period concluded in 1935AD at which time the four horsemen of the apocalypse began their ride. The white horseman being Jesus took decisive action and Satan and his demon angels were ejected from the heavens. On the earth conditions became chaotic and in short order war was unleashed in 1939 to demonic activity in concentration camps against the descendants of Abraham were seen earlier. Then a ‘great sword’ or atomic warfare was seen for the first time during the world war. This in turn ‘took peace away from the earth’ with its constant presence as a threat. Since that time unnatural death from disease, food shortages and so forth have become the principle contributor to death on the earth. [See discussions elsewhere on this site regarding the sign of the last days.’]

Bible chronology shows that man has experienced distinct periods of time.

1 From mans creation to his decision to leave the family of God.
2 To the flood of Noah’s Day
3 To the destruction of Jerusalem in 586BCE
4 To the end of the times of the nations in 1935AD
5 To Christs return. [Just over a decade away]

Followed by
6 The revealing of the truth and the destruction of the demons at Armageddon
7 The millennium of change with mans restoration, the resurrection and amazing blessings culminating in the final judgement and destruction of Satan

NOTE: Some have miscalculated the ‘times of the gentiles’ or ‘times of the nations’ failing to perceive the real life events that occurred among Bible students in the 1930’s. In the 1930’s many among the Bible students began to recognize that they did not have a heavenly calling and would attend memorial events and not partake of the emblems. They humbly realized that no anointing had occurred in their case. The end of the gentile times coincides with a shift in focus as far as God’s Kingdom was concerned. Almost everyone who becomes a genuine Christian following 1935 is destined to live on earth forever in paradise and therefore no anointing is necessary. Prior to this almost everyone who became a Christian was anointed with God’s Spirit with the potential to become part of God’s heavenly Kingdom alongside Christ. Some of these anointed ones would be finally called to heavenly life whereas the majority will be resurrected to an earthly life. The Apostle Paul explained that he was still qualifying to be part of the Kingdom after decades of faithful service which indicates that being part of the Kingdom is not automatic as a result of the era of ones birth. Daniel 2:21 “God who changes times and seasons, sweeps kings away and sets kings up, gives wisdom to wise men and knowledge to enlightened men.” Phil 3:12-14 “Not that I have already got what I am after or am already perfected; but I am stretching forward in the hope of eventually laying hold, seeing that I have myself been blessed by Christ Jesus. Brothers, I do not figure that I have laid hold as yet; but there is one thing, I am forgetting what is behind and reaching out for what is before and driving ahead toward the goal for the prize of God’s upward call in Christ Jesus.”

That Man Was Designed to Live Forever in Perfection

We believe the Bible truth that man only dies and suffers illness as a result of his decision to follow the advice of the fallen angel known as Satan. We accept that only Jehovah can sustain mans life forever and restore man to perfection. And that this is what God is working towards through the ransom provision. The Bible explains that man is a flesh and blood creation designed to live on the earth and within the physical realm according to God’s future purpose. [Revelations 21:3-5‘with that I heard a loud voice from God’s throne and it said “look the tent of God is now with mankind and he will reside forever with them and they will be his people. Yes, God will be with mankind. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes and do away with death. And there will be no morning no outcry no pain anymore. For the former things have passed away.” And the one seated on the throne said further “look I am making all things new these words are faithful and true.”

The Bible is very clear that the future hope for mankind is to live forever on the earth. This earth will be transformed into a paradise garden which will make this globe into something spectacular. Man will live here with no fear of death because death will have been done away with. Man will be perfect and have a perfect relationship with God. At the conclusion of the 1000-year period Satan will be released and allowed to see the result that was achieved with mankind working alongside Jesus to restore this earth to a paradise. Whereas he had 6000 years to run his stage of the test and only managed to create an earth where people live for a short period and die, and where pollution, illness, disease famine et cetera dominate, in 1000 years God will have brought mankind back to perfection. We can only imagine the fury of Satan when he sees people [now resurrected] who he dominated in the past and who may well have had prominent roles in kingdoms of his creation now humbly serving God and acknowledging God’s rulership through Christ. The book of Revelation concludes with a symbolic dreamlike sequence where Satan wishes to destroy all that God has accomplished. However, this is nothing more than a dreamlike prophetic sequence. The full justification for Satan’s elimination will be before the eyes of the whole universe and no one will ever again question the rightfulness of Jehovah’s sovereignty or introduce into this universe periods of grief such as this earth has experienced. Satan will be finally destroyed.

NOTE: Death was one of the penalties for sin. Sin was rejecting Jehovah’s guidance. Just as a fan will slow and stop when the disconnected from a power source, so man is disconnected from Jehovah at a fundamental level and hence has only a minor portion of energy and life.

That Man is in a Judgement Period to Test Satan’s Claim and Man’s Choice.

The Challenge Is Nearing Completion

We accept the simple Bible concept that man was given an assignment to populate the earth and extend paradise conditions to the earth in a given time frame. At creation Jehovah God gave man free will and certain natural rights as individuals which were to be respected. He did not simply withdraw these rights when bad choices were made. He recognizes the youthful nature of creation, that man is very new and has much to learn. While allowing men to take on the challenge, at the same time Jehovah is determined to put things right so that the children of Adam and Eve are given the opportunity to make better choices.

Jehovah – Yahuwah respects mans choice to ‘go it alone’ and is keen for the time period to be complete. As soon as that time ends, Christ returns and all his angels with him. Many questions will be answered at that time. It will be demonstrated that man has been unable to extend his lifespan and been unable to extend paradise to the earth. Then Jehovah through Christ Jesus will work with mankind to accomplish this outcome within a 1000 year time period. [Acts 17:31 ‘because God has set a day on which he purposes to judge. To judge the inhabited earth by righteousness. By a man whom he has appointed. And he has guaranteed this day before all men by resurrecting this one from the dead.’] NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God’s name. It is widely used however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuway [Ya-Hu-Way]

That Christs Return Will Be Glorious

Christs Return

Jesus many times spoke of himself leaving and returning. The apostles asked Jesus when he would return in a Parousia [meaning returning to stay as his first century visit was short lived] or permanent manner. Jesus said that when he returned he would be in Kingdom power. All his angels with him. That he would reward those who had not lost sight of his impending return even appointing some to play a key role in caring for the earth during a millennium of renewal. [Jesus termed these ones as ‘Faithful and Discreet.’ Revelations calls them the 24 elders.]

Just prior to Jesus return the earth will enter a fully secular period where freedom of religion will be silenced for approximately 45 days. Even huge religious organizations will relinquish their authority. Genuine Christians will worship but will do so in their interior rooms. True Christianity has always been about family and worship and Jehovah will doubtless be pleased to see worship continue at this level. Then suddenly Christ will return and there will be the revealing of the truth.

At Jesus return he will address the irredeemable demon angels along with all genuinely evil people on the earth. All who are irredeemable will be removed in an event the Bible calls Armageddon, meaning time and place of decision. Initially many will be frightened at Jesus return as it will be accompanied with great heavenly signs. However soon a majority will be thrilled to finally understand God’s patience and purpose and will respond positively to the good news of Christs return. Described as a great crowd that no man can number, mankind will respond favorably to the kingdom and enjoy many blessings.

At last all things will be clear and understandable and all self serving religious voices that have mislead people will be silenced. Satan the Devil is locked in an abyss or deathlike state for a 1000 year period during which time, under the Kingdom and it’s earthly representatives, the 24 elders, the earth will be restored to a paradise. During this time there will be a progressive resurrection. Finally all mankind will experience perfection and peace on an unprecedented scale. Following this period Satan will be invited to view the outcome of Jehovah’s day. Whereas Satan’s actions made life incredibly hard for mankind and resulted in wars, pollution, disease and death, Jehovah’s’ actions result in perfect peace and happiness. Satan’s dreams of destroying this peace are depicted in Revelations but this dream will not see fruition. The entire universal family of God judges Satan and he is finally destroyed. Now all threats to a blessed future are removed and mans future is truly amazing.

NOTE: Parousia is miss translated to mean ‘invisible presence’ by some. The use of this term occurs in the book of Matthew when the apostles asked Jesus about things he had just spoken of as well as his future kingdom power. They had no understanding at that time that Jesus was to die and be resurrected to heaven. Nor that Christs kingdom would be heavenly. So when they asked him what would be the ‘sign of his Parousia’ they would hardly be asking him what would be the sign of his invisible presence. It was not even in their thinking as was revealed after his resurrection when they asked again about the kingdom and were still thinking of the kingdom of Israel on the earth. Parousia does carry the thought of presence in terms of permanence. The difference between something fleeting like a ‘short visit’ and something permanent like ‘coming to stay.’

Jesus had revealed that he would leave and return with great authority and power. When he returned in Kingdom power he would fulfill all of God’s purposes. So when the disciples asked Jesus “Tell us… what will be the sign of your coming [Parousia] and of the final time.” [Matthew 24:3] They were asking how they would know when he was going the be permanently present in kingdom power and fulfill God’s purpose. Not about some invisible presence. In turn Jesus gave a series of events and indicated what they would mean relevant to his return in power.

That All Will Be Resurrected

The Grave Will Be Emptied

The simple Bible truth is that all experience a resurrection. Jesus himself said “all those in the Memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out.” Mankind was deceived into thinking that we could live without God. Having given mankind the right to free will God did not simply take the choice away because we chose badly. To correct the bad effects of this poor choice Jehovah has purposed a resurrection. All who have died will experience a resurrection and be given the personal choice again as to whether we will serve God rather than it being left to the original parents of mankind Adam and Eve. Whereas they made their choice on the basis of Satan’s lies, mankind as a whole will make their choices based on full knowledge and the historical record that we have of the results of choosing to live without God. The purpose of the resurrection is to give as all a second chance and to correct the evil that has sprung from Satan’s lies. [John 5:28 ‘do not be amazed at this for the hour is coming in which all those in the grave hear his voice and come out.’]

This resurrection will occur during the thousand-year period in which the earth is returned to paradise after the destruction of the Demons at Armageddon. Those resurrected are termed in the Bible to be in a judgement period, in so far as they have to make a choice for themselves. Do they agree with the original choice of the first human parents that man should live without God or do they agree that we need God’s direction with Christ as the king of Gods kingdom directing affairs. This is an important period of time. Doubtless there will be many happy reunions and it will be easily demonstrable that God’s ways are superior to man’s choices that have previously led to war, nationalism and racial and tribal divisions. It will be a far better world once Gods revealing of truth has taken place and we are able to address the errors that have accumulated through our history. [Elijah 7:2 “How is it then that some of you are saying that Adam had more. I never conceived this nor gave to Adam anything immortal. He was a man, mortal like all others. When the dog dies it is dead. When a horse dies it is dead. When the cat dies it is dead. When the domestic and wild animal dies they are dead. Where they live and move they have character and purpose. But when they die they are no more. This is the same with men. When man dies he is dead completely. Yet the resurrection remains for men. His knowledge and spirit return to me until the recreation and then I will recreate them according to their kind and according to their ways.”

Elijah The Prophet. Simple Bible Truth
Jehovah's Witness. The True Religion.

That Hell is a Mistaken Mixed Idea Drawn from Pagan Faiths

The Bible is clear. Death is compared to a sleep like state. There is no automatic afterlife with people being tormented in a fiery hell. The idea of the immortal soul serves Satan and perpetuates false ideas that enslave people. The Bible teaching is a resurrection. The general resurrection from the dead is about to occur shortly after Christ returns with his angels at the conclusion of the current challenge to God’s Sovereignty. At that time the demons are destroyed at Armageddon. Satan is put out of the way for 1000 years and the earth is transformed into a paradise. During this period all those in the grave [or hell in some translations of the Bible] are resurrected back to the earth. Almost all of mankind are part of this resurrection.

That a Small Number Are Resurrected to Heaven

Jesus told his close Apostles that they would be with him in the kingdom of the heavens. Jesus also explained that he was ascending to heaven and would prepare places for them. In the first century others, such as the Apostle Paul who was not part of the original Apostolic group spoke of the upward call to the heavens and indicated that this was the hope that many had in common in the first century. Revelation describes a small group with Christ in the heavens using the symbolic number of 144,000. A small number of Christians are called to the heavens and will function as part of a heavenly kingdom that will oversee the speedy restoration of this earth back to paradise. This is not a general resurrection and does not include the majority of mankind but only a very small group.

The number 144,000 is not a literal number but a comparative number to illustrate the difference between three different groups described in Revelation. We must remember that Jesus arrives in Kingdom power with ‘all his angels’ thus Jehovah is so focused on addressing the issues on earth that the angels are assigned to assist.

A great crowd, come out of a great tribulation that occurs at and around Christ’s return. This is a vast number and includes a huge group of mankind. The 144,000 is a symbolic number which shows that there is a kingdom which has proper respect for God’s promise to Abraham that from his seed the kingdom would come. Not that all members of the kingdom are natural Jews, but the number symbolically gives proper respect. All who became Christians prior to the mid 1930’s were anointed with spirit with the potential to become part of the Kingdom of the heavens. Only a small number would qualify or be needed in reality.

A small additional number are referred to in Revelation as the 24 elders. This smaller group is smaller in number than the kingdom and smaller in number than the great crowd. These are anointed overseers who provide spiritual food at the proper time during the last days of the time of test and then are appointed over Christ’s belongings during the 1000-year millennium. These are called by Christ ‘The faithful Slave’ or ‘Faithful and Prudent [Discreet] Slave’ and are said in Revelations to ‘cast their crowns before the throne’ thus having the opportunity to qualify for the Kingdom of the heavens but instead being assigned to the earth. As earthy representatives of the kingdom they will work closely with the kingdom and with the rest of mankind so that collectively under Christ’s direction during the 1000 year reign of Christ the earth is brought to perfection. NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God’s name. It is widely used however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering below. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuway [Ya-Hu-Way]

That the Ransom is Part of God’s Plan

Adam was the spokesperson for mankind. He accepted the assignment on behalf of the human family to fill the earth and spread paradise to the globe while exercising proper dominion over the animals. He made the choice on behalf of all mankind to take an independent course away from God. Adam was God’s creation so his father was God. As a son he had the right of free will and Jehovah respected that right. So he respected Adam’s choice. However the consequences of the choice have affected all mankind. Man inherits death and imperfection from Adam as well as all the consequences of his choices.

Jesus is also God’s son. He too lived on the earth. When he was born as a human he inherited Adams original assignment to be part of caring for the earth, an assignment that he was perfectly suited to accomplish. His miracles which included caring for others and exercising proper dominion over the elements show the sort of person Jesus was. Then, he too was tempted by Satan to leave God’s family. Repeatedly Satan attempted to mislead Jesus. He tried deception and force. Finally Jesus died faithful to God. He had the same rights as Adam and upon his return to the heavens after his resurrection he used those rights to adopt the human family. This paves the way for man to inherit everlasting life from Jesus. Thus Jesus life’s of faith rejecting Satan, his execution as a perfect man and his God-given rights combine to constitute the ransom. The full benefits of this ransom will be extended to mankind shortly. Jesus also accepted the inherited assignment to bring the earth to paradise and Jehovah equipped him with a kingdom and a future role in fulfilling this assignment.

NOTE: Failing to perceive these issues has made it hard for some faiths to fully appreciate the way that Jehovah’s purpose has been unfolding. If this applies to you simply re-read Genesis and see where in scripture man receives his assignment. Then remember that Gods word is always fulfilled.

That a Preaching Work is Part of The Sign of Christ’s Return

Jesus asked his followers to preach the message of his return. In the first century the Christians were preachers and teachers. Their message was simple and clear. They used a variety of ways to teach. Jesus foretold that in the time leading up to his return at the end of the time of test, the message of the good news of the kingdom of Christ would be preached. In the 1850’s many Christian groups began to discern that Christ would be returning and began to preach this message. While many developed different doctrinal ideas associated with the return, mainly as a result of the influence of other religious groups, they did start to preach. And some still preach today. As a result people are reminded of the Bible’s message. Thus Christ and his message is still being spoken of. Jesus said that there would be a preaching work active at the time leading up to his return and the end of the last days of test. The fact that this preaching work is continuing testifies to the accuracy of Jesus prophecy.

In the first century the Christians taught the clear message of Christ return but over the centuries various religious beliefs were incorporated into what would become known as Christendom. It is not to be unexpected that to some degree some of the various messages that are preached incorporate ideas that are inaccurate. Just because someone preaches does not mean to say that they are always correct and there are Bible references in the first century to some preaching Jesus message while others were preaching John’s message. In essence truth becomes clear in its entirety at Christ return. It is important for anyone who preaches to have the humility to recognize that they do not know all the answers.

NOTE: Some who preach have had to continually adjust their message at regular intervals. This in no way invalidates Bible prophecy. Many genuine Bible students are attached to organizations whose beliefs [which do get adjusted] are not so far away from the truth. Just because the timing of events is not as originally thought is no reason to be critical of those who arrived at conclusions earlier. Many did not have access to the level of information that we have today. They were seeking truth. We applaud the efforts to preach and the genuine attempt to understand the truth of Gods word and we have little doubt that at Christs return those who a genuinely dedicated to Jehovah will be thrilled and quickly adjust their thinking.

Elijah The Prophet. Simple Bible Truth
Jehovah's Witness. The True Religion.

That World Events Coupled With Bible Chronology Are an Important Feature of the Time We Are In

Jesus described in broad terms general issues including wars, earthquakes, famines, pestilence etc and said not to be overly concerned with these things: they are important but the end was not yet. He spoke of many claiming to be prophets and misleading people. He spoke of a global preaching work. He spoke of his followers needing endurance.

Later in Revelations he described the ride of the 4 horseman of the Apocalypse. Satan and his demons were to be cast down to the earth and ‘anguish of nations’ was to follow. However this time there was a link to a specific period of time that the Bible calls ‘the Lords Day’ which began in 1935AD.

After the First World War or ‘great war’ was fought in 1914-1918 nations were determined never to experience such conditions again. However with Satan and the demons here on earth war was inevitable and situations such as those that occurred in the concentration camps only confirm that evil had come to reside on the earth. [And the attempt to establish a 1000 year Reich shortly before Gods kingdom by Christ is about to do so is hardly a coincidence.] When a great sword was unleashed in the Second World War as atomic warfare was used and ‘peace was taken away from the earth’ with its permanent threat, this confirmed the ride of the red horse of Revelations.

Signs independent of Bible Chronology are open to interpretation. When world events are fulfilled at the specific time that Bible Chronology indicates and in a special time as defined by scripture then this leaves no doubt as to their accuracy. The ‘Lords Day’ begins with troubles and climaxes into Christs return in Kingdom power. After this mankind enters an amazing period of restoration and culminates in a perfect society. The time allotted for man to complete his assignment of filling the earth and exercising proper dominion over the earth is almost completed. Many are ‘faint out of fear’ at the things unfolding on the earth. However Bible Students understand world events and are now in great anticipation of the arrival of the Christ. Soon he will appear.

The ‘Lords Day’ began in 1935AD and Christs return is an event that occurs within 100 year of that date and will start with what the Bible calls a Great Tribulation. This event includes the rejection of religions that are based on Babylonian teachings as well as great troubles on the earth as a whole. This culminates in a short period where the whole earth is focused on becoming a secular society with great pronouncements designed to promote this as the new normal. Peace with Security will be the call. Christians who know their Bible are not deceived. And then Christ appears.

[Revelations 1:10. “I was shown in spirit in the Lord’s day.” Revelations 6:2-8 “And I saw, and there was a white horse with a rider and he had a bow and was given a crown and went out victorious and to conquer many victories. And when he opened the second seal I heard the second creature say “Come!” and another horse went out, a red one, with a rider to whom it was given to take peace from the whole earth, that they should slaughter each other; and he was given something new, a great sword. And when he opened the third seal I heard the third creature say “Come!” And I saw, and there was a black horse with a rider that had the scales in his hand; and I heard what seemed to be a voice among the four creatures say “A quart of wheat for a denarius and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not take away the oil and the wine.” And when he opened the fourth seal I heard the voice of the fourth creature saying “Come!” And I saw, and there was an grey horse with a rider whose name was Death, and the Grave followed with him, and they were given great authority over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword and by starvation and by epidemics and by the beasts of the earth.” Revelations 12:7-12 “And there came a war in the heavens, Michael and his angels battling with the serpent; and the serpent and its angels battled, and did not succeed, nor was there any longer to be found in the heavens a place for them. And the great serpent was thrown down, the primeval snake, the serpent, he who is called the Devil and Satan, the misleader of the whole world of mankind. It was thrown down to the earth, and its angels thrown down with it. And I heard a loud voice in the heavens say “Now see our God’s salvation and power and empire, and his Christ’s dominion, because the accuser of our brothers is thrown down: he who accuses them before our God day and night, and they won against him because of the Lamb’s blood and because of the word in their hearts, and these did not love their lives even with the threats of death. Therefore rejoice you in the heavens and you that dwell in there. But woe for the earth and for mankind because the Devil has gone down to you in a great rage, knowing that he has little time.” ]

That the Christian Code is Embodied in the Sermon on the Mount

We accept the simple Bible truth that the Sermon on the Mount is the key Christian document on how to live. After selecting the apostles Jesus presented this code as their instructions for life. His followers were to live by this code and follow its teachings. They were to be people with a spiritual side to their lives. To be fair honest and kindly in their dealings. To be charitable in both thoughts and actions. To have high moral standards -this includes high moral standards sexually as well as high moral standards for honest fairness and decency. To be loyal to ones marriage mate. To pray each day including for our personal needs while always praying for the day when God’s Kingdom will resolve all matters. To settle differences quickly and fairly to the best possible degree. To have respect and appreciation. Not to be judgemental of others but to be forgiving and inclusive. To be wary of false prophets who claim to know all the answers. To avoid arrogance. To reject greed. Waiting on Christs return for all matters to be resolved finally. We believe that all who honestly want to be Christians will become familiar with and follow the simple code in that sermon contained in Matthew chapters 5-7. See Elijah 24:9,10 below

“And the works of the father and the works of the son are joined.  On two mountains were the words given plainly.  Moses ascended the mountain and I gave to him these 10 Commandments of mine.  And these 10 Commandments were given to Moses for the sons of Abraham.  And yet at the base of the mountain there were with the sons of Abraham a larger group from Egypt.  So that the 10 Commandments were given not just to the sons of Abraham, but were given to all mankind.  And so the words from the mountain are plain and the 10 commandments are also.  And the beloved son when on earth sat upon a mount and went giving a speech.  And the speech has been called a sermon.  The Sermon on the Mount.  And so the two are one.”

10 “The 10 Commandments and the sermon on the Mount are for all mankind.  So that while men become content to argue over words and argue over history and are content to sit at tables and debate, there remain yet in my word the simple things.  The 10 Commandments and the sermon.  Only is the Sabbath for the future for the world will yet see a great Sabbath. For I am bringing a great Sabbath upon the earth. You must give attention to these two things.  And you must turn your ways to these things.  But these things make plain the words of Jehovah.  And will you humble yourselves?  And will you accept the truth just as it is my word?”

For All Mankind

That Most People are Redeemable

Jesus taught this simple truth that many people are redeemable. However not all are redeemable. For example Satan lied to Adam and Eve. He has caused unbelievable amounts of suffering and death. Never once has he indicated remorse for his course. Neither have the demon angels. And there are those through history and even today that are so entrenched in evil that it is hard to see them as capable of change. Today some apostates attack the beliefs of people of genuine faith and make life hard for them. How will these ones fair? We can only pray that these ones come to their senses. Jesus said that for some it would be better for a ‘millstone to be tied around their necks and thrown into the sea’ indicating that those who stumble people of genuine faith bring judgement to themselves.

On the other hand the Bible mentions examples of people who appeared beyond change. Manasseh was a king in Jerusalem who was vile. Yet he changed his ways dramatically and Jehovah forgave him. The Ninevites and the Assyrian empire are mentioned in the book of Jonah. Jehovah had become so disgusted at their filth that He sent his prophet Jonah to proclaim impending judgement and destruction. And yet this people repented and changed their ways. They were spared as a result. In contrast the people of the land of Sodom were not even affected by a miracle when a message of destruction was sent to them and hence they were wiped from the face of the earth.

Who are we to judge people? Most people are redeemable. At Christs return many will react in fear but as they begin to understand the truth about world events and get real insights, many will react positively. A ‘Great Crowd that no man can number’ are described in Revelations. We should expect to see a huge number walk away from their wrong course and learn to do what is right. We may well see mass conversion, dedication and baptisms and a huge educational work unfold worldwide. We will see soldiers destroying weapons, drug lords destroying drugs, a steady dismantling of the appendages of a system that no longer knows God. And as the truth really spreads throughout the earth we will see some amazing changes.

[Matt 25:31-45 shows how some of those those who are vile and mistreat the weak and lowly will be beyond redemption. Jesus takes a personal interest in the weak, lowly, hungry and disadvantaged. He states that an act of kindness to such ones is like ‘doing it to me.’ He takes it personally. Thankfully many have chosen to treat the lowly and weak with great compassion. Such actions reveal that they are well suited to the blessings of the Kingdom. It will be a challenge for some and there will be those who face judgement but we can anticipate many to respond with warmth to Christs return. Humility is vital. [Mark 10:15 “I tell you truly, anyone who does not receive the Reign of God like a child shall not get into it.’]

Elijah The Prophet. Simple Bible Truth
Jehovah's Witness. The True Religion.

That Baptism is Part of Becoming a Christian

The simple Bible truth is that Jesus said that baptism is important. His followers were to be baptized. Full water immersion. This full water immersion is baptism in the name of ‘the father, the son and the holy spirit.’ That is in full acknowledgement of the truth about God. That God is Jehovah our creator, life giver, deliverer and father. That Jesus is His son and the ransomer and king of God’s kingdom. And that the holy spirit is God’s active force that He can send to assist us and guide us to the Truth. That we enter into a relationship with God and are happy to acknowledge that without God we have no future other than that that we received or inherited from Adam.

We Need to Reject Religion that Teaches Babylonian Ideas

Soon the world in general will turn against religions that teach ideas drawn from ancient Babylon. Teachings such as the trinity, the immortality of the soul, the use of idols, the authority of the church, the political element of organized religion, the use of many gods and goddesses. This will not be a small thing. The Bible describes the world becoming secular on a massive scale. It refers to religions that have their origins in Babylon being attacked and laid waste. In strong terms the Bible says that we must leave these organizations.

Looking Forward

Soon there will be a swift change in the thinking of people towards religions as organized groups that follow ancient ideas drawn from Babylon and towards Christian groups that incorporate such ideas. Christians who believe the core ideas discussed here will fall outside this period of wrath but those who hold onto ideas drawn from pagan gods will feel that wrath.

Babylonian Based Religion Will Soon Be Gone

[Revelations 18:4-10 ‘And I heard another voice out of the heaven say “Come out of her, my people, that you may not be a party to her sins and may not share in her plagues, because her sins have amassed up to the heavens and God has remembered her works. Pay her in the same way that she stole, and let her reap double of her own deeds; and the cup that she mixed for others in deception mix a double draft for her; for every bit of her self-glorification and luxury give her as much again in torment and mourning. Because she says in her heart ‘I am enthroned queen, I am not a widow, I shall not see mourning,’ for this reason her plagues shall come in one day, pestilence and mourning and starvation, and she shall be burned in a fire, because of the strength of Jehovah our God who has judged her. And the kings of the earth, who have debauched themselves with her and lived luxuriously in her company, shall weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of the burning of her, and they will stand far away for the fear of her torture, saying ‘Alas, alas, great city, Babylon, powerful city! because in one moment your judgment has come.’]


These core concepts are genuine bible teachings. Simple Bible truth. This is what we need to believe if we are to be ready for Christs return in just over a decade from now. We need to use this period, which will fly past, to get ready for the return of the Christ in kingdom power. We should repent of wrong ideas and ways and enjoy better lives now. Eternal blessings lie ahead. For some the effort to become more humble may seem to be a challenge. But it is worth the effort. Perhaps you have believed some wrong idea based on something that you were told/taught previously. If so, do not be bitter or angry. There’s a lot of misinformation around and its possible to be mislead. This is the truth. Seize hold of it. Make the changes. Good times lie ahead. As Jesus said. ‘Lift up your heads because your deliverance is near!’ NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God’s name. It is widely used however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuwah [Ya-Hu-Way]

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