Time to Stop Laughing at the Rhetoric and Start Planning Seriously

The last decade of human history has seen many changes. The 20th century began with a sense of scientific accomplishment and many expressed the view that science would lead the way into a new peaceful world society. The generation that saw the world descend into World War I, followed by the Spanish influenza, a short lived reprieve and then the great depression only to be followed by World War II and the subsequent events, has for the most part disappeared. Few remember the sense of hope and enthusiasm that marked the end of the 19th century.

The 20th century concluded with similar notes of optimism. Once again the world puts faith in scientific accomplishment. There is no doubt that life today has been changed with an amazing number of electronic gadgets and amazing array of different ways of communication. Yet many simply talk while very few really communicate. Once again the world is facing a huge pestilence in the form of Covid-19 and yet again, despite silly promises, we see that progress towards a vaccine is of necessity a slow process and in the meantime rhetoric does not save lives.

The man in the street can only shake his head the foolish claims that have been made regarding cures. The world may laugh at the leader of America who has made his country look weak but at the same time only a few countries have been able to limit the loss of life whereas in many parts of the world tens of thousands have died. From a scriptural perspective it is evident that many more will die. Jesus foretold the many would become ‘faint out of fear in expectation’ of things occurring on the earth as news story following news story would report major disasters and heighten anxiety. Today some purposely avoid watching the news because they don’t want to listen to the negativity that is being reported and the genuine hopelessness that has been demonstrated through the lack of leadership in many parts of the Western world.

Another Year Closer To Christ

The countdown to Christs’ return has moved forward another year. You have a choice. Put your faith in leaders who simply do not have the insight to understand that we are in the last days and have been there since the mid-1930s. Or you can really examine the Christian message and wake up to the truth about where we are in the stream of time.

It is true that some religious organizations have been reactive and have reacted in a very controlled manner to the pestilence that grips the earth today. We read of one website who claimed that their organization had moved its headquarters to a place of safety at God’s direction, ignoring the fact that rank-and-file members of the organization were given no warning regarding what was going to occur. Apparently they represent God as being one who treats one part of their organization with special favor and pays little attention to the rank-and-file members. However it was only this website that you are now reading that foretold the pestilence and encouraged its readers to store up supplies for approximately 14 days. It was readers of this website who already had supplies in place and were not concerned when the pestilence broke out. Because of the Association of Elijah with the last days and the fact that Elijah has been appointed we can be in no doubt that we are in the final countdown. Here we do not provide information just after the fact but we remind people what is going to occur.

Jesus explained how events would unfold and the need to look out for events as described in Scripture including the white horse in 1935 followed by the red horse in 1939 and the great sword unleashed when nuclear weapons were used in Japan. Following this the horsemen who are focused on unnatural death in the earth continue to ride and it is notable that pestilence and disease and unnatural death continue to rise. But what of the first horsemen? The first horsemen is evidently the resurrected Christ Jesus who, riding on a battle horse in a illustrative sense went into battle against the Devil and the Demons and threw them down to the earth in 1935. At his return the Demons will face the destructive power of Armageddon while all mankind will be given the opportunity to understand and put faith in God’s provision as represented through Christ’s kingdom and the subsequent appointment of the faithful and discreet slave as the kingdom’s representatives on the earth, otherwise known in Scripture as the 24 elders.

The profound weakness of the political system has been demonstrated. The subsequent waves of pestilence that follow the initial outbreak in 2020 will continue. We must learn to worship Yahuwah in the privacy of our own homes and to conduct ourselves in an honest Christian manner.

Many are crying out for deep and meaningful spiritual food. While some organizations water down and dilute the kingdom message, it is important that those with a profound sense of yearning for spiritual things keep up-to-date with spiritual food at the proper time. Elijah along with the writing committee on this website will continue to provide timely spiritual direction. It is our prayers that you will remain strong and faithful and look forward to Christ’s return.

In the meantime we once again repeat our encouragement to put away some extra supplies for the coming surge of the virus. We are certainly nowhere near through the Covid-19 crisis. The apostle Paul encourage Christians to live quietly, to mind their own matters and to work with their hands. This is good advice for living through this part of the final days. [1Thess 4:11 Make it your aim to live quietly and to mind your own affairs and to work with your hands, just as we instructed you,]

In the meantime we once again repeat our encouragement to put away some extra supplies for the coming surge of the virus.


God’s Personal Name is Yahuwah [pronounced Ya-Hu-Way] and is often represented as Jehovah in English. Jehovah is a mistranslation of the name that has become widely used. It is time for an enlightened society to respectfully use God’s name again.

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