A Time For Reflection

“Go, my people, enter into your interior rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself away a while until the trouble passes over.”

Isaiah 26:20

Covid-19 has forced many to stay home and reflect. The prophet Isaiah foretold such a time in the lead up to Christs return. We have not seen the complete fulfillment of these words. Soon the second, third and final wave of the epidemic will intensify the need to stay home and reflect.

The pestilence will pass as prophesied in Revelation. But it also prophecies much death.

In conjunction with this time spent at home the Bible describes people waking up. Jesus described the world waking up and considering the call regarding Christs return. When Christ returns many will react with fear initially though subsequently they react with joy. However for many the time in which we are living is truly wonderful as they see prophecy fulfilled.

Certainly unless you now wake up, I shall come as a thief, and you will not know at all at what hour I shall come upon you.

Revelations 3:3

What might we ponder in our homes? There are many questions that man’s enemy Satan would like us not to consider. For example

  • What is the truth about God?
  • What is the Devil’s aim ?
  • Why did Jesus promise a resurrection?
  • Are these really the last days?
  • Why has religion let us down so badly?

Now is the time to seek out such answers and realize the truth of mans situation. Christ is returning and the time of Satan’s dominion over the earth is concluding. Like the proverbial gremlins, the demons make life so tough for us. What a change we will experience when they are no more.

God’s Personal Name is Yahuwah [pronounced Ya-Hu-Way] and is often represented as Jehovah in English. Jehovah is a mistranslation of the name that has become widely used. It is time for an enlightened society to respectfully use God’s name again.

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