Will The Earth Ever Be Truly Peaceful?

For the Kingdom of God does not mean eating and drinking, but means righteousness and peace and joy with holy spirit

Romans 14:17

Will we see total peace? This is a great question. So many wars are being fought. So much unrest is everywhere. Issues abound. And authorities appear powerless to address the deep divisions in society.

Yet the Bible describes events that will bring peace to this earth. In Jeremiah Chapter 29:11 Jehovah expresses His promise of peace. “Thoughts of peace and not calamity. And I will give you a future and a hope fulfilled.”

The purpose of God’s Kingdom with Christ as king is to fulfill this prophecy and others. From the beginning of Jesus ministry he made people feel good. He cared for people in a genuine way. Jesus ministry was one of peace and encouragement. He was God’s emissary and was pointing forward to the day that he would return in kingdom power as had been previously arranged at the time when man had abandoned God at the time of Eden and Satan’s rebellion.

When man rebelled against God he made the devil his adopted father. Now God has given the role of eternal father to His son Jesus and he will adopt the human family back into the household of God.

How peaceful will the earth become? It will be truly genuinely peaceful with no wars and no causes for wars ever appearing on the earth again. This and much more will soon be seen when Christ returns in Kingdom Power. What a glorious time this will be.

Peace and Security Will Be Here

God’s Personal Name is Yahuwah [pronounced Ya-Hu-Way] and is often represented as Jehovah in English. Jehovah is a mistranslation of the name that has become widely used. It is time for an enlightened society to respectfully use God’s name again.

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