Who Will You Forgive Today?

For if you forgive men their offenses against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you;

Jesus Matthew 6:14

Learning to forgive is so important. We all make many mistakes and we all need forgiveness. People who can forgive others have better relationships, better health and a better overall outlook on life. This world would be a far better place to live in if we all learned to be forgiving and understanding.

Jesus explained that our willingness to be forgiving also impacts the way that God views us. If we are hard hearted and unforgiving then Jehovah God withholds His forgiveness and blessings. But when we forgive others God notices and when He forgives then we have genuine peace and can receive his blessings. This is a simple Bible truth.

When we are unforgiving we effectively build a Dam that stops the flow of peace and love into our lives. But when we tear down that Dam by being understanding and forgiving, even when there are so many reasons not to forgive, we experience God’s love and grace and this has a healing effect.

The scriptures teach the importance of forgiveness. King Solomon referred to the need to reject the self righteous course of self importance and to seek to gain a godly perspective. Modern science confirms that a calm heart and mind such as that obtained when a person is genuinely forgiving does have a positive overall effect on the health of the body and on mental health.

Do not become wise in your own eyes. Fear Jehovah and turn away from bad ways. Then it will be a healing to your body And refreshment for your bones.

Proverbs 3:7,8

When Christ returns in Kingdom Power shortly, there will be no place for petty squabbles and an unforgiving spirit.

Make your day a better day today by forgiving someone and experiencing inner peace as a result. You will also experience a blessing from God today if you follow this scriptural guideline.

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