Historic Meeting And Changes

On October 2nd 2020 we met to discuss the future of this site and to consider what to do going forward. A full review was conducted and feedback from people around the globe was taken into consideration. Based on this it was unanimously agreed that it continue and with a changed format.

Work on the changed format has started and now we are getting ready to roll out the remainder of the changes agreed to.

  • Elijah to write shorter pieces that will come more regularly and provide insights every week
  • Simplification of the articles and scope
  • We will continue to provide deeper discussions in the background for those Bible students who want to know more
  • New front page will focus on latest news
  • Current Editorial team will continue

As the last days count down to the return of Christ we are excited to be here providing spiritual food to those awakening from spiritual sleep. We are humbled at the opportunity to be a part of the continuing work of the Apostles which began on that amazing day when Christ ascended to the heavens.

We are also delighted to have a much more accurate rendering of God’s name. NOTE Jehovah is a clumsy miss translation of God’s name. It is widely used, however out of reverential respect for God we rightly make reference to the more accurate rendering below. Jehovah [more accurately translated and spoken as Yahuwah [Ya-Hu-Way]

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