Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden in plain sight.

Some Mysteries are Not Such Mysteries as they Appear

In recent times man has been able to build machines to move huge weights.

But it took many years to be able to develop machinery to this standard. And yet, in ancient times people were able to move heavy weights, substantial blocks of stone with remarkable ease. Some respected figures in the field of archaeology have wondered whether or not ancient civilizations had access to greater knowledge than we have today. Did they perhaps lose knowledge? It’s a fair question, given the fact that over the years there have been events of that resulted in a significant loss of knowledge. For example at one time there was a huge repository of knowledge in the library of Alexandria, which was subsequently destroyed.

Simple Bible Truth Flood of Noah's Day Artifacts exist today from before the flood.

So knowledge can be learned and knowledge can be lost. However, in the case of moving large blocks of stone, we often find workings where stone was taken from or even areas where places were under construction and abandoned. Yet in their location we never find a single example of machinery that could indicate how things were done. The knowledge of how to move blocks like this was lost all over the world. Consider how unrealistic some of the answers to these questions are when you consider that there are examples of building projects using large blocks of stone on most of the continents of the earth and the knowledge was lost from all of them. It beggars belief that scientists hide away from acknowledging the truth and the fact that the Bible’s account along with the many references to the flood and the time before the flood are in fact accurate. According to the biblical account the earth was visited by what it called sons of the true God, angels or fallen angels or at the very least life forms that were different to men. The Bible makes clear reference to these ones. And who can doubt when you look at the account and see that it makes reference to the Nephilim or the Giants were around on the earth at that time. For years men have found examples that indicate that a giant race did live on the earth at one time.

Around the world in literally hundreds of locations there are historical sites that have no context as far as historians are concerned. There is nothing to show how the sites came into existence, why they exist or who built them. Elsewhere, much of history has a narrative so that we know who was associated with the building of empires. We know something of the rise and fall of many races and we can understand how they did many of the things that they did.

In contrast we have a massive number of monuments in different parts of the world, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas that testify to builders who build great monuments with no reference to who actually did the work. So, for example we see massive blocks of stone being moved huge distances and set up into constructions that we cannot replicate today, even using the best technology that we have available. We have no information that explains how they got there or who built them.

Simple Bible Truth Flood of Noah's Day Artifacts exist today from before the flood.

The problem is that we do have that information. We do know who built them and we do know where they came from. However, a huge conspiracy has unfolded to hide the truth regarding this subject.

It begins with an exaggeration.

Exaggeration is a great way to take something quite remarkable and make it seem quite fanciful. For example, if you say a person lifted 1000 times their weight then you immediately know that this is ridiculous because no one can lift 1000 times their weight. No one stops to think that someone exaggerated the claim and that the original claim is possibly reasonable. Perhaps the person lifted twice their weight, which itself would be an outstanding claim. The exaggeration makes the whole concept that the person did something remarkable into a joke because it’s so extreme.

The same thing occurred with a historical event that is widely recorded in the legends and history of many nations and kingdoms around the world. The event we are referring to is the flood of Noah’s day. There is plenty of evidence that a large international event did occur. How do we know this? We know this because the story of the flood is encapsulated in the historical legend of people who live on every continent on the planet. Everyone has a legend of the flood. Consistently these legends talk about a small number of survivors, the building of a vessel for the preservation of life and animals, and the fact that there were visitors who came to the earth in the time before the flood and caused a great deal of harm.

The story has essentially changed and has taken on all sorts of different aspects over the years, but the fact of the matter is that they all refer to a events that wiped away much of the life on planet Earth. Huge amounts of history were wiped away because we do not have any documents other than the historical records that refer just briefly to what life was like before and after. Evidently written records were not so important during this previous time period.

At some point though, it was decided to introduce a degree of exaggeration into the account and in so doing the whole concept of the story of the flood was lost.

Two interesting details were added to the account. It was simply a matter of adding in two exaggerations.

The first exaggeration.

Firstly, the words that it rained all over the earth, even at the highest points on the Earth were replaced with the concept that the flood waters covered the highest mountains, i.e. the whole earth was flooded to a depth that would encompass the highest mountain. Clearly there is no evidence whatsoever for such an assertion. You can simply could not have an event like that without there being evidence that it occurred. There is plenty of evidence of society being destroyed as we have already indicated but there is no evidence of the whole Earth being flooded including water rising to the top of the highest mountain.

It did rain all over the earth. And it did do so for some months so that essentially it wiped out any crops or foodstuffs that were required for life. Indeed, this was the cause of so much death. All the inhabited areas over the earth became sodden and flooded to a sufficient depth to wipe away life.

All the earth was wet

The second exaggeration.

A second exaggeration and therefore a clue hiding in plain sight, is a reference to the book of Genesis that says that the earth was covered to a depth that we calculate at approx. 7.5 metres deep. Clearly no one could possibly have had that detail. What technology existed for measuring depths? It’s so obviously wrong that it is amazing that it isn’t highlighted. So where did the measurement come from?

It does not take a lot of thought to realize that there was only one possible conclusion as to where such a detail could come from and that was from the vessel itself. The vessel floated and therefore there was a watermark on the outside of the ark when it came to rest. The watermark was approximately 20-25% up the side of the ark. Those who had traveled in the ark were able to look at the side of the vessel and conclude that, since the watermark had gone up the side of the vessel to a given point, then if you allow a little extra it gives you an idea of how deep the waters must’ve been where the ark was floating. Simple really, and it’s a detail that lives in plain sight.

Simple Bible Truth Flood of Noah's Day Artifacts exist today from before the flood.

So let’s revisit the opening discussion regarding monuments but this time taking the historical fact of a huge flood. What we have discovered because of this analysis? In brief, a couple of discrepancies that we find in the account of the flood of Noah’s day. These have turned this historical event into a children’s story.

Was there a flood? Yes, this is attested to by many historical records. Did it wipe away a lot of mankind? Yes, it did. It rained all over the earth. And it rained for such a length of time that there was no foodstuff. Some areas were flooded extensively depending on their elevation. No one could survive. Only Noah who went into the ark along with his family was able to float for a period of time above ground in the ark with a certain number of animals with him, which was then released after the flood. The account works. Take away the fanciful idea that the whole earth was flooded to a depth that included the highest mountain and we are left with a climate change event that affected the whole earth.

So what came before?

The Bible says that visitors came to the earth, and it refers to them as angels, sons of the true God or demons. Essentially, they were able to fashion a form for themselves that appeared to be human. They were able to father children. The children were giants. These references have been found in just about every culture on earth. Think of the gods of Greece and other gods who were not moral or chaste and upright individuals and then you get the picture. This corresponds with what was described in the Bible in brief. So there was a prehistory.

When you understand that the worldwide flood did not wipe away all vestiges of a pre-flood society you suddenly begin to look at all of the monuments exist around the earth and you look at them in a different pattern. If giants were on the earth, and there was superhuman creatures who visited the earth in the time before the flood, this accounts for the building of monument upon monument upon monument in different parts of the earth. Think of the incredibly large stone blocks that were involved in the construction of some of the stone circles, walls, cities, and pyramids that exist in North and South America. We marvel at the construction today and one of the reasons that we marvel at it is because we cannot replicate it. It is beyond what we can do as society today. They are not hidden. They are there in plain sight.

Simple Bible Truth Flood of Noah's Day Artifacts exist today from before the flood.

The Earth is literally teeming with archaeological examples of construction that came into existence before the flood. The flood wiped away a society of people, but it did not wipe away the evidence of their work. Their construction exists even today. We can observe it we can look at it, we can touch, and we can climb it. The reason we don’t know how these things were built is because history was broken. History was broken by the huge climate change event that involved dramatic flooding of those areas of the earth where people lived. Archaeology confirms for example that the North Sea was a vast plain of which there were mammoths. We know this because regularly, fishermen have brought mammoth tusk to the surface in their nets. In fact one claim that was made and verified a few years ago was to the effect that when you take a look at the ivory keys on pianos then more than 50% of the ivory keys on pianos are made from the ivory from mammoth tasks. There is a vast number of mammoths and mammoth tusks that have been found in different parts of the world.

Simple Bible Truth Flood of Noah's Day Artifacts exist today from before the flood.

We know that there was a huge climate change event and we know that there was a flood connected to it. In Hebrew the word for ‘heavenly ocean’ is used in the book of Genesis, which suggests that there was a lot more water or vapor in the air on a particular level in the atmosphere before the flood. The waters of this heavenly ocean were said to have been breached and this was the reason that so much water fell to the earth. It has been demonstrated that if there was a large water canopy, as is suggested in the Genesis account surrounding the earth, then this would have had a certain greenhouse effect that would improve the climate of the Earth in its most northern and southern regions. This adjustment as far as the polar regions were concerned would have given these regions of the earth a subtropical atmosphere. This fits with the fact that in northern latitudes people sometimes dig out of the frozen earth vestiges of palm trees such evidently grew and prospered in zones where they could never grow and prosper today because of the intense cold.

It is also possible to find almost perfectly preserved examples of woolly mammoths with foodstuff caught in their teeth and with the evidence of the rich food that they were enjoying up until the time the lay down quite quickly and died. This again accords with the idea of a heavenly ocean or atmospheric layer rich in water vapor dropping to the earth, removing the greenhouse effect and effectively plunging these latitudes to a cooler temperature.

So, what are we seeing here? In plain sight around the earth, here is evidence everywhere of prehistory. People were wiped away. Historical records were gone. In some cases we know that they used languages that were very different from the languages that we use today. For example, we have symbols in the Americas that we do not understand today. We know that they used a language in symbols that we simply do not use.

Simple Bible Truth Flood of Noah's Day Artifacts exist today from before the flood.

The bible suggests that the pre-flood society were very violent. The idea behind the word Nephilim is something that catches the thought of a bully or a violent person who likes to win fights and to pick on people who are smaller than itself. The offspring of the unions were a hybrid race of giants which is where the ideas for the strength of people like Hercules is found. Hercules was said to be the son of a union between a god and a woman. This is exactly what the bible account and other historical accounts suggest was the case when these visitors to the earth. These sons of the true god, angels, fallen angels, or demons cohabited with women. They produced sons. No reference exists to suggest that they produced any daughters, but only sons who were not able to have children. The visitors were able to reproduce, but only to a limited degree, and only to the extent of producing a hybrid offspring. They produced an offspring that was never a replacement for the human race, and of course the natural defenses built into the human DNA with this self correction and self stabilizing data would contribute to the fact that such hybrid offspring could not keep producing.  They were a genetically defective extension of the human race being hybrid in nature and therefore not a long-term outcome.

This indicates that there was plenty of advance notice of the fact that the flood was going to occur. The visitors had no intention of doing anything to assist mankind. Mankind in general did not listen to any warnings. This event was going to occur. And they did not make preparations accordingly. The only thing that they did was to build tall towers. We do know for example that there was a huge amount of pyramid building before the flood. There is evidence that suggests that the pyramids in the Americas were in existence long before any large flood event occurred. The idea that man subsequent to the flood event could possibly build any of these monuments in different parts of the globe is not just fanciful but ludicrous.

Simple Bible Truth Flood of Noah's Day Artifacts exist today from before the flood.

Bear in mind that the bible contains broad brush stroke comments of the first section of human history. What we have is just broad comments compressed into just the opening chapters of the Bible account. It is not attempting to present evidence to support itself, and yet the evidence exists on the earth right now and is in plain sight. What is somewhat unbelievable with the amount of evidence is that people want to ignore the evidence. No one knows who built the great statues on Easter Island. When you a sense of the scale of the things you suddenly realize that they are huge. It is not easy to determine how they were built. And yet take the Bible account that this was a large climate change event which wiped away the feed stuff for much of the civilization that existed at that time. It should not surprise us to consider the fact that the descendants of these sons of the true God, these Nephilim or Giants saw their fellows depart and commemorated the event.

The Bible in fact explains a three part event tied into the flood account. Yes, there was a flood which wiped away food so that the earth was washed clean and the giant society. The climate of the earth changed and so did the visible land above the waters. And thirdly was the banishment of the sons of the true God who came down to the earth who were banished back to the heavens. In other words, as far as these angels were concerned, any ability to materialize on the earth was taken away from them. They were not allowed to walk among men. It simply wasn’t going to happen. So the fact that this was also included in the Bible’s account is worthy of note, as this indicates that there must have been a moment at which all of the sons of the true God, fallen angels or demons were required to leave. Greater authority was at work as far as the earth was concerned from an unearthly and a spiritual level. The earth was to be cleansed. The hybrid race of giants,were to be done away with. Any effects that the Demons had had on animal life as well was to be removed. The earth was to be fresh and new, with a new earthly society and a reasonable representative group of mankind was to remain.

So when we look at the Bible account free from exaggeration we realize that this earth has been visited by by another race. But they were not a kindly benevolent race at all. They were not here to help but to dominate and harm. And we ignore the evidence of their visit to our peril. For they are visible manifestations of the truth of the Bible that there is a devil who has associates and who do mankind harm. These are the watchers who look at the earth longingly and who will be destroyed at Armageddon.


The flood of Noah’s day is an event that is widely debated. Scholars agree that there was a huge flood in history. There are many separate records of a huge flood recorded in all parts of the globe among cultures that have developed separately.These include North and South American lands, Europe, Africa and Asia and even Australia. Hundreds of legends with distinct similarities.

These distinct similarities include the time the flood started, the use of a craft to preserve life, the saving of animals, the fact that 8 people were on board and the fact that godlike creatures were on the earth in the lead up to the flood. This is powerful evidence of a huge globe affecting huge areas of the earth.

It has to be said however that there are some slight mistranslated words and expressions in the Bible account. This has resulted in scorn from some opposers of the Bible that are quite unnecessary. The idea that water covered the highest mountains suggests a volume of water far in excess of that that exists on the earth. This is a slight mistranslation of the words that ‘rain covered the highest mountains’ or wet the highest mountains.

In an effort to bolster this misconception some amateur students have suggested that the earths surface was changed directly after the flood and huge mountain ranges were suddenly much higher. If this had occurred there would be lots of evidence on every continent to support this. It doesn’t exist. This just demonstrates the fallacy of trying to defend a position that is not in harmony with the truth.

So to assist with accuracy and to fully support the Bible account we prepared the following discussion and a complete accurate rendering of Genesis chapter 7 which contains a lots of repeated statements – this common repeats suggest that the chapter was a little shorter originally and that copies resulted in some repeated verses.

Additionally the amateur Bible student might suggest that every animal that existed pre-flood was saved in the Ark-Box that was constructed by Noah and his family. Extinction of some animal forms has been a part of hum history and the Bible account shows that it was God that decided which animals were to be saved and which not. Today we know that the woolly mammoth was wiped out in a global event that flooded the area that today we call the North Sea and also plunged the polar regions into a freezing state. It is much more accurate to acknowledge that not all life forms were saved. See later notes and the accurate rendering.

This is an accurate translation of Genesis chapter 7. With an accurate translation of Genesis chapter 7, the story of the flood is much more understandable. The flood of Noah’s day is a genuine event that actually occurred. There are numerous historical references to a great flood.

However, some mistranslation has resulted in an inaccurate understanding of the events that occurred at the time of Noah. The account has taken on a comic book feel. Indeed it is often viewed as a children’s story.  Historically, we do know that a great flood did occur at around the time period that the Bible describes. That is, around 2300 years before Christ. And we do know that it affected the Mediterranean areas and east of the Mediterranean Sea. We also know that flood waters affected the Americas and areas including much of the lower levels of Europe.  We cannot with absolute certainty confirm the year of the flood, nor can archaeology confirm exactly when this large flood event occurred. The fact that several lines of evidence converge at the same time confirms that there was actually a flood.

Archeology, history &  stratigraphy [the study of rock layers] all confirm that a huge flood occurred. On its own and without the exaggeration that crept into the Bible account the flood of Noah’s day is an amazing event in itself. We can only conclude that the inclusion of exaggeration into the account is an attempt to undermine this Bible story.

An examination of the Bible account has demonstrated where some translators have slightly mistranslated or exaggerated certain expressions used in the book of Genesis. So here then is the book of Genesis chapter 7 translated accurately so that all can read it and understand the account and understand what happened. A footnote is provided to explain the differences between an accurate rendering of the account and some common misconceptions.

Simple Bible Truth

Genesis chapter 7

And Jehovah said to Noah, “go into the box that you have made you and all your family. For you are a righteous man before me in this generation. Of every clean beast of the earth you shall take seven mated pairs, and of every beast that is not clean, you should take two, again a mated pair. Also, you should take of the birds of the earth seven each of male and female so that you can keep alive the breed.  Here I do say that in seven days. I am going to have it rain on the earth for 40 days and 40 nights and I will destroy life off the soil of the living things that I have made. As for Noah he did just as God had commanded him.

Now Noah was 600 years old when the deluge of waters came upon the earth. 

And Noah and his sons and his wife and his sons wives with them went into the box for fear of the deluge of water. And the clean beasts and the beast not clean and the birds and those of everything that creeps on the ground.  All those of each came into the box of both male and a female just as Jehovah had ordered.  Then after seven days, came the water.  In the year 600 of Noah’s life, in the second month on the 17th day of the month,  on this day, all the waterholes leading from the great deep of the earth split wide open and the portals of the sky were opened.

So it came to rain on the earth for 40 days and 40 nights. On this day Noah went in and Noah’s sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and Noah’s wife and his sons three wives with them went into the box. They went in and all the various kinds of beasts and of cattle and all of the various kinds of reptiles that creep on the earth and all the various kinds of flying creatures, yes every bird. Indeed, everything with wings they went into the box to Noah to each of every kind of flesh that had the breath of life in it just as God had chosen. And those that went in, went in in male and female of every kind of flesh, according to the kind. Just as God had ordered Noah, and after them God shut the door.

The deluge came on the earth for 40 days and the water increased and lifted up that box and it lifted off the ground. And the water grew and increased greatly over the earth and the box floated on the surface of the water. Then the water rose very high over the ground and all of the high mountains were wetted by the deluge. The inhabited land of the earth was covered with water to a depth of 4 fathoms and even the great mountains were wet so that nothing escaped the rainfall. Then every kind of flesh that crept on the ground perished, of bird, of cattle and wild beast. All the creatures that swarm over the earth, and mankind along with them, even all mankind. All the life on the solid ground, everything that had the breath of life died. And so all beings all over the earth were destroyed, from man to cattle to the reptiles and to the birds. They were destroyed from the ground. Only those in the box with Noah remained. The water remained on the earth for 150 days.

This is an accurate rendering of the book of Genesis chapter 7. As we noted, in an effort to embellish the account of the flood, some translators speak of the water covering the surface of the earth to the point of covering all the high mountains of the earth to a depth of 4 fathoms. Sometimes 4 fathoms is translated as 15 cubits, so that it would erroneously appear that the mountains of the earth were all submerged underwater.

Simple Bible Truth

There is evidence of a flood. There is no evidence that all of the highest mountains of the earth were ever covered in water. Some Bible students have attempted to suggest that following the flood, the earth was extensively remodeled so that great mountain ranges were put into place in the matter of a few months. This is a somewhat fanciful idea. If this were to have happened there would be widespread evidence of this. It would be amazing evidence and could not be hidden. But it isn’t there. The purpose of the flood was to rid the earth of a damaged human society, damaged by wicked spirits who had materialized among mankind before the flood. In itself the flood is a remarkable event without the amateurish attempts of some to distort the truth of what happened.

It is clear from the manuscripts that some copyists have attempted to embellish the account and have distorted verses 19 and 20. The earth was clearly overwhelmed with water and it is true that rain fell on every area of the earth, including the tops of the mountains, which in itself would be somewhat unusual.

This is the point of verse 19. All of the mountains were covered in rainfall. All of the earth on which mankind lived was covered to a depth of 15 cubits or 4 fathoms.

When we read the account as it was written it makes sense.

We notice also that the ark of Noah was box. It was simply a box created for the preservation of life much like a lifeboat. We also notice that God brought the animals to the ark, according to their kind. It was God who shut the door behind him. Thus God decided which animals would survive the flood and which would not. This is good because only God would be in a position to determine which animals would need to survive the flood in order to maintain a balance as far as the species were concerned. That not all animals survived the flood is evident as there are fossil remains of animals that do not exist today including woolly mammoths which are found preserved in ice.

We also notice that it was every living thing that was destroyed in the flood not necessarily the remnants of their culture. We have remnants of culture from before the flood in Asia, Europe and in North and South America. Thus we have ample evidence that the flood was indeed a worldwide event. When we quote Genesis 7, according to the way it should be translated with a real attempt to accurately translate the words, there is no doubt that we get an accurate understanding of the flood and we understand that it was a genuine historical event that got rid of a society of people who had been severely influenced by demons before the flood came.

There are many sites both on land and under water that testify to a break in society. A society that existed before the flood and a society that exists after the flood. Underwater research has found many sites of once great cities that are fully submerged. A quick google search is all that is needed to find such locations. Then there are the monuments that exist today that are totally unexplained. We know that we couldn’t build them so who did? Again this gives testimony to a pre-flood society that had the characteristics described in all of the flood legends.

So, was there a huge flood? Yes there was. There is plenty of evidence for this. Was an Ark or Box built? Again there is plenty of evidence for this. Was the whole earth flooded? More accurately, all the inhabited earth was affected by the flood waters which destroyed much of the life on earth and it would have wiped away food supplies. Were the mountains covered in water? No but they were drenched by the rain that fell so that no part of the earth escaped the falling rain. Inhabited plains and land areas were apparently covered to quite a depth but we know that there was no way for Noah to determine that the waters of the earth were a given depth of water deep. Again such a measure was likely to be taken from the ark itself after it landed as there would be a water mark on the structure indicating depth. It floated and hence that waters had to be a given depth for it to float.

Many clues exist in the account as well as in hundreds of locations around the world that demonstrate that history has been broken. But the evidence is in plain sight.

We are not alone.

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