What Is The Great Babylon of Revelation?

Babylon Alive and Well Today

Babylon then and today. Prophecy written 2000 years ago foretold something called the ‘Great Babylon’ to be around in the modern era. And it describes people realizing its existence and doing their best to get rid of it. So what is it? And how does it affect the world today? And how does it cost each of us so much in so many ways?

The Tower of Babel
Tower of Babel
  1. How does the Bible use the Name Babylon?

The Bible uses the name Babylon with reference to a city, to a concept, to people and to our day. It also uses it with reference to imagery, customs, beliefs and practices. Babylon played a pivotal role in ancient times and, according to the book of Revelation, it plays a pivotal role today.

  1. Why is the Babylon reference able to be understood today?

The book of Revelation is written in symbols and portents that were not designed to be understood before a period of time had passed. This period of time was called in Scripture the Times of the Gentiles. This period concluded in 1935. So it is by comparing things described in the book of Revelation with events after 1935 that the symbology contained in the book of Revelation is revealed. Any attempt to understand the events of Revelation prior to 1935 was bound to be fraught with difficulty because of the speed with which the scene of the world changes.

  1. What do we know about Bible prophecy?

The Bible foretells accurately events well before they happen. The Bible for example foretold that the Persian empire would be conquered by a powerful Greek empire under a fast moving powerful king. This was fulfilled by Alexander the Great. The Bible foretold that early in the time following the gentile times a huge weapon would be unleashed in warfare and that ultimately it would take peace away from the earth. This was fulfilled at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Subsequently all future generations have lived without peace and under the threat of more nuclear strikes. Prophecy in the Bible is incredibly accurate. So when the Bible provides a prophecy regarding the ‘Great Babylon’ we should take note.

  1. What impact did Babylon have on the world?

Nimrod, a Bible character who was heavily opposed to God evidently founded the city of Babylon. 2000 years before Christ, Babylon became the capital of a new empire and new world society. It was the seat of political, religious and commercial power for an ancient world. It was here, within the walls of the city of Babylon that many ideas that have lasted down to this day were first discussed and developed.

  1. What concepts and ideas do we have today that began in Babylon?

While God disrupted the building work, it appears that fascination with the images, customs, beliefs and practices traveled the world of that time. The trinity doctrine, the cross, the immortal soul concept, the idea of temples, temples with alters, images adorned with gold, special sacrifices, prophets who saw visions, wise men who claimed special insight, spiritually elites and more. Babylon was the cradle of these beliefs. Designer gods began to appear as men created gods that suited their purposes. Basically a god became whatever people wanted it to be. It was also the cradle of autocratic rule. Man focused on dominating man. It was the cradle of racial differences. These developing beliefs and concepts created huge divisions among people and people left the empire and spread out from the one spot.

  1. What does the Bible mean when it says that God confused the languages at Babel or Babylon?

There is a deeper meaning to this account. A language may refer to a specific spoken tongue but can also carry additional thoughts. So for example a person may say ‘when it comes to this subject we speak the same language’ referring to similar opinions, values and beliefs. As multiple belief systems and gods were created, the sense of unity that existed initially was lost and families left the area. Thus we see deep divisions in society as a result of the rejection of new teachings by some and the creation of new cultural values along the way. As they separated so they developed dialects and words unique to the new cultures that developed. It is well known that languages are related to each other. Thus the deeper meaning of Babel becomes evident. Division, hatred, belief systems and more resulted in widely different languages and cultures. God performed a miracle and confused the languages but the division confused matters even more and so languages continued to differ. There is no evidence that they tried to understand each other.

  1. What was unique about the families spreading from Babel/Babylon?

This unique factor is that they took with them some core concepts that they adapted to their new cultures. The deep sense of division based on religion, race and style of rulership were to endure. All of such concepts sour human relationships and cause the divisions, hatred, violence and wars that exist today.

  1. What would a visitor from ancient Babylon recognize today?

Were anyone who had lived in Ancient Babylon to visit the modern are they would recognize much that causes war and divisions today. For example, what if they visited a church?

They would observe the Trinity [Absent from the Bible text.] and listen to its explanation today and immediately see its origins in ancient Babylon and its incest based trinity doctrine.

They would observe the cross [Absent from the Bible text.] and immediately recognize the Tammuz symbol and its worship of Nimrod.

They would hear the concept of the immortal soul [Absent from the Bible text.] and know its origins in ancient Babylon.

They would see the gold and decorations in churches with alters and fitments [Not supported by any Bible text, especially for Christian gatherings where homes were used.] and immediately make the connection to Babylonian culture.

They would see designer gods. Individual gods designed to suit whatever cultural need existed in the past or exists today.

They would see the immoral practices hidden or supported from the worst abuses possible to the most degrading child abuse and recognize these practices from ancient Babylonian life.

  1. What additional religious concepts perpetuate into our day?

The ancient Babylonians also had the cult of the Chaldean’s. These were the so-called wise man or elite who made prophecies and understood deep and meaningful prophecies. They were the men who were supposed to see visions and understand dreams. If there was something complicated than they were the ones who appointed themselves to explain them. The modern era has had many such false prophets who have promised much a delivered little.

The Bible book of Daniel reveals a situation where the king of Babylon calls on these Chaldean’s to explain a prophecy, but when he discovers that they cannot explain the prophecy he calls on the prophet Daniel, who was a worshiper of the Bible God Jehovah to provide the explanation, which he in fact did. Only Jehovah can prophecy and also reveal the fulfillment of the prophecy. The kings of Babylon later acknowledged this truth.

  1. What other concepts find their home in Babylon?

Autocratic rule was conceived in Babylon as Nimrod created his government and kingdom. Racial and national divisions are an expression of Babylonian ideas. Were it not for the religious and political differences that were conceived in Babylon, mankind would recognize that we are all from the one family. That we are all related. One race is not superior to another. There are not many gods on which to base violence. When one person kills another they genuinely kill their ‘own brother’ or family member and this truth was ultimately lost as the concepts of Babylon took hold.

  1. What huge truth was lost at Babylon?

The fact that we are not alone in the universe was lost. Nimrod built a great tower into the heavens in response to the story of the flood of Noah’s day. He was basically saying that mankind could disconnect from the universe and, that were any future consequences of mans actions to come about [such as a flood] man would find a way on his own. This concept persists today. Few even consider the reality of life outside our realm and, like Nimrod, they discount the Bible stories of a flood or angels or a creator. [The truth regarding the flood will be discussed on this site shortly.]

  1. What have some well intentioned people missed regarding scripture and Babylon?

Just as Jehovah empowered Daniel to understand the prophecy so it is the case that Jehovah hid the meaning of the prophecies of Revelation until after 1935. However, this has not stopped people from making predictions and pretending that they know the answers to deep Bible questions, often with good intentions, but at the same time still a form of deception both self and otherwise. A few centuries ago some through Babylon pictured Rome. In the last century some thought Babylon was a picture of all false religions, [except their own of course] thereby missing its meaning.

  1. So what is the ‘Great Babylon?’

The Great Babylon refers to the concepts, beliefs, practices and ideas that originated in Babylon. These include:

  1. Autocratic Rule
  2. Racial superiority
  3. Designer gods
  4. Temples, Churches, Idols
  5. The trinity doctrine
  6. The immortal soul doctrine
  7. Worship of the cross
  8. Rejection of one true God and the idea that we are alone in the universe
  9. Nationalism
  10. Abuses in the name of religion


Just as the Babylonian religious and political approach resulted in much confusion and division, we observe today a similar effect of religious and cultural ideas on people around the world. In Genesis, the Bible indicates that God confused the languages of the people of Babylon hence the word Babel being linked to the word confusion.

There is however a deeper meaning to this account in Babylon recorded in the book of Genesis. Babylonian ideas have created confusion and division. Consider for example the wars that have been fought in the name of religion and racial superiority. Consider the Crusades and the religious wars that have taken place through the centuries. War and bloodshed have been repeated time and time again in the name of one religion or another, one race or another and one god or another. Thus, Babylon exists in both senses today. The same Babylonish teachings that existed in Babylon are perpetuated in any organization that believes in the Trinity, the cross, the immortal soul, idols and statues of gold and so-called wise man. Today though the Babylonish teaching exists in the sense that it causes division among people. While ever we continue to support religious organizations that are steeped in the ideas of Babylon we not only perpetuate the ideas of a religious city that is 4000 years old but we also perpetuate the divisive force that these beliefs extend to mankind. While we fail to perceive that one race is not superior to another we perpetuate the ideas of Babylon.

All men and women on planet Earth are brothers and sisters. Whether you presently believe in creation or evolution we are all related. We are equal in the sight of God. Why should we allow Babylonish ideas that have extended for some 4000 years since they were invented, a fiction that resulted in division back then, to continue to cause division on the earth today?

There is no point in pretending that the rest of the universe does not exist.

The Bible timeline and the future.

In just a little while God’s kingdom is returning to the earth. The period of test that mankind entered into in 3996 BCE is about to conclude. While we have filled the earth, we have not done so peacefully nor have we extended the borders of paradise to this earth. We also have not solved the question of how to live forever independent of God. We cannot do it for the simple reason that it is not possible. We can either be part of God’s great universal family or we can continue to splash about on our own pretending that the rest of the universe does not exist. This universe teems with life, spirit sons of God described in the Bible as angels of various types.

We built a wall between ourselves and the rest of this great universal family when our forefather and spokesman Adam was lied to by one of these spirit creatures who was inflamed with ambition for worship. When God’s kingdom returns there will be many details that will be explained at that time that we simply do not know. The Bible does not purport to be a book that contains every answer. If it commented in full on every matter within its pages it would be many times larger than it is now, and it is already a very large book. We do however know that when God’s kingdom returns it will have no use for anything connected to Babylon. Therefore one of the things that we can do to get ready for Christ return is to withdraw our financial support from any religious organization that promotes division on religious grounds and on the basis of beliefs and ideas that find their origin in the city of Babylon 4000 years ago. In fact, the Bible book of Revelation describes that mankind will do this in the lead up to Christ return. This indicates, that there is at the heart of mankind a genuine sense of the need for something better than the religious fallacies and hollow ideas that we have been taught for centuries since the time that Nimrod drew a line in the sand and stated his opposition to Jehovah and the superiority of his race.

Additional Information.

In 539 BCE Cyrus the Persian and Darius the Mede conquered Babylon and made this city part of the Persian empire. For centuries the city held a real fascination for people with men such a Alexander the Great taking a special interest. In the modern day rulers of Iraq have sort to restore the glories of the city.

However the Bible uses the city in a broad sense to refer to a range of customs, imagery and beliefs. Thus Revelation refers to a great Babylon that would exist at the time of Christs return.

Revelation 17:3-6 “And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast full of names of blasphemy, with seven heads and ten horns; 4 and the woman was clad in purple and scarlet and jewels with gold and precious stones and pearls, with a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and the filth of her prostitution, 5 and written on her forehead a name with a secret meaning, “Great Babylon, mother of the prostitutes and abominations of the earth.” 6 And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of God’s people and with the blood of Jesus martyrs. And great was my wonder at seeing her.”

Set in the modern day and in full view of the world, Revelation describes a modern day ‘Great Babylon’ attempting to direct nations as depicted by a huge beast as if trying to ride it and direct the nations as a rider would direct a horse.

Revelation 17:15-18 “And he said to me “The waters that you saw, where the prostitute [Babylon] is seated, are peoples and masses and races and languages. 16 And the ten horns that you saw, and the beast, these shall hate the prostitute and make her destitute and naked, and eat her flesh, and burn her in a fire; 17 for God has put it into their hearts to do what is in his mind, and to concur unanimously in giving their empire to the beast till God’s words are all done. 18 And the woman that you saw is the great city that has empire over the kings of the earth.”

This Babylon is destroyed by the nations with people of all national groups supporting its destruction. [Elsewhere on this site we explained the move to a secular society and how this features in unfolding events before Christs return. Man will move to a wholly secular society before Christs return but exist as a fully secular society for less than 2 months, actually for 45 days.]

See these references: ONE GOD – Isaiah 45:18 ‘For this is what Jehovah says, the Creator of the heavens—he is God! the Shaper and Maker of the earth—it was he set it in order, he did not create it in error, he shaped it to be inhabited—: I am Jehovah and there is nobody else beside me. I have not spoken in secret’ CROSS – Hebrews 12:2 ‘looking to him who led the way in faith and brought it to completeness, Jesus, who for the joy that lay before him endured a stake of shame, despising such, and has taken his seat at the right hand of God’s throne.’ Note Essentially the Bible references are to a tree or stake – the cross being added later. IMMORTAL SOUL – Ecclesiastes 9:10 ‘Everything that comes within your reach to do with your powers, yes do now; because there is no action nor purpose nor knowledge nor wisdom in the grave, where you are going.’

Elijah The Word 23:4 “And this thing was offensive to me and so I looked on in my distaste and I went looking at the confusion and I went saying to myself, “here now I will cause confusion” and so I sent forth my spirit and I changed their spirit within them. And in the morning when they began to speak to one another then, they did not understand and there was great confusion. And so I confused the languages of men and they went going for themselves in many directions. And some went a short distance and others went a long-distance. And some were so concerned by the things that they went to the sea and they were building vessels for themselves and they went sailing over great distances and establishing for themselves new cities in distant lands. And they called the name of the city of Nimrod Babylon. And there they continued to tell the stories of the time before the flood. And so I said to Noah ‘rise up and you must slay this one.’ And so Noah went taking with him 200 men of his household along with his family and they sought out Nimrod and they put him to death.”

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