Why The Number of Memorial Partakers Has Increased

Key Points

The Gathering of Those who will make up the Faithful Slave Class is underway

These are earthly representatives of Gods Kingdom

Some manifest wishful thinking

Daniel 11:35 has also been fulfilled

One of the phenomena that has been of real concern to some recently has been the increasing number of anointed ones who have presented to take the emblems on the memorial of Christ.

This would be a concern as the number had previously tailed off.

The fact is that the kingdom class or those chosen to be part of the kingdom had been in the process of being collected since the first century of our common era. Revelation also indicates an exceedingly small number of these anointed ones qualify to be in heaven with Christ.

Things changed re anointed in the 1930’s and the 1990’s

In the 1930s there was a time in which a number of those who attended memorial evenings stopped taking the emblems and simply attended as respectful observers. They had discerned that they had not been anointed with spirit. This was a clear and unambiguous indication of God’s purpose. The general calling of those who were to become part of the heavenly kingdom class ceased in the 1930s. Some have been anointed and qualified for a role in the kingdom, but this number has been exceedingly small.

Jesus stated that “many are called but few are chosen” see Matthew 22:14. Thus, the kingdom was always going to be a small group. This is a clear simple Bible truth.

In recent years, however, there have been two phenomena that have occurred, particularly since the 1990s.

Firstly, there has been a growth in the number taking the emblems.

Secondly, there is been a reduction in the number who genuinely and sincerely do proper research into Scriptures and Scriptures research yet claim to be anointed. Thus, it is possible to talk to a person who takes the emblems and realize that they know little if anything about the Scriptures or Jehovah or God’s purpose. Thus, in some instances, those taking the emblems manifest little more than wishful thinking. They would like to think that they are part of the kingdom arrangement. However, there is no indication that they are part of the kingdom arrangement.

So, who are these anointed ones who have genuinely presented themselves in the last two decades? The answer relates to a prophecy given by Jesus when he referred to a group that he referred to as the “faithful and discreet slave” See Matthew 24:45-47. The faithful and discreet slave or the faithful and prudent slave depending on which reference you refer to.

Jesus indicated that he would have a group who were dispensing [spiritual] food at the appropriate time when he returned. Because these ones had started to dispense spiritual food at the proper time in the lead up to his return, Jesus said that he would reward them by acknowledging them as his faithful and discreet servant. In turn, he said that he would appoint them over his belongings. This simple truth is a central comment in Jesus’ prophecy of the last days.

Thus, in recent times some have been anointed to be earthly representatives of God’s kingdom. This group are pictured in the Bible book of Revelation as 24 elders who significantly “cast their crowns before the throne.” See Revelation 4:10

So, in more recent times, some have been genuinely anointed with God’s spirit to be earthly representatives of the kingdom. Confusion regarding this additional group who are clearly identified by Jesus, has resulted in some concern. Naturally, people ask why the number partaking of the emblems has increased and why some who are genuinely well-qualified people have been anointed with spirit long after the dwindling heavenly call which occurred in the 1930s.

Some things are understood when they happen

As foretold by Jesus it is not always easy to understand Jehovah’s purpose and the way the Jehovah’s purpose unfolds. There are things that we must discover at the appropriate time.

The fact is that God’s spirit has been poured out on some appointed ones and has made them anointed for a special purpose. Their role is to dispense spiritual food at the proper time, that is spiritual food in the lead up to Christ’s return, which is just a few years away. It is their responsibility to advertise this truth. These constitute the 24 elder arrangement and by dispensing spiritual food at the proper time they demonstrate themselves to be faithful and discreet or faithful and prudent. When Christ returns in kingdom power after the great tribulation, [which will commence in the year 2031 to 2032 A.D.] then Christ will turn to such ones and appoint them as his faithful ones over all his earthly belongings. They will represent the kingdom during the restoration of the earth to a paradise.

The sequence of events is interesting to contemplate. In the late 1990s, God began to pour out his spirit to clearly indicate that he was gathering a new group of individuals. Some failed to discern this, but others have discerned the truth of what was occurring. Jehovah used His spirit to provide such ones with insight into the Scriptures and his purpose. This fulfills the promise that was given in the book of Amos, where it stated that “the sovereign Lord, Jehovah would not do a single thing unless he had revealed his confidential matter to his servant the prophets.” See Amos 3:7.

Prophecy and its fulfillment prove the truth regarding the role of the 24 elders

The 24 elders were instructed to start to declare good news at the proper time. They declare the fact of the Lord return. And they have declared more.

In 2007, for example, the 24 elders were able to accurately provide information regarding the global financial crisis that was about to occur, which began to unfold the following year.

In 2007 the 24 elders were able to foretell the a king like rise in the North with those who would begin to exercise authority in a totalitarian way. One would stand out. Subsequently, this is been fulfilled as several the most powerful rulers in the northern hemisphere have begun to act in a far more authoritarian way as opposed to a totally democratic way. This has been demonstrated in the realm of both large and small nations.

In 2007, the 24 elders also foretold the rise of the intrusion of artificial intelligence into people’s lives. Remember, this was far before the first tablet computer began to be used. People then began to give up their privacy to the extent that they have done recent times.

Additionally, in 2007 the 24 elders were also able to point to the changes in migration as far as animals are concerned on the earth. Thus, scientists have been bemused at the adjusted migration of animals as various sea creatures have been seen in areas where they should not be seen.

And finally, in 2007 the 24 elders were used to foretell adjustment as far as some religious organizations were concerned with great emphasis on people and the leaders of such organizations in place of concern for the welfare of their members. Recent scandals within the realm of religion have shown how little some religious organizations care for the rank-and-file members of the groups as opposed to caring for the leadership of the organizations. Many instances have demonstrated their willingness to protect the clergy or elder arrangements when child abuse has surfaced as a public topic.

Future Developments

What then of the future. As events unfold, the 24 elders will continue to declare and provide information regarding the Lord return until the great tribulation commences. The world will move towards a secular focus and will finally achieve a total secular state for a period of 45 days as foretold in the Bible book of Daniel. [See Daniel 12:11,12] Then suddenly the Lord will return and will be seen around the earth, causing great consternation. These events are described in the book of Revelation. However, after that time, things calm and man will begin to understand that we have been in a period of test, having accepted the assignment to care for and fill the earth referred to in Genesis.

Man will be fully made aware of the situation involving the devil’s deception. Most will respond positively to the truth regarding what has been occurring as far as life is concerned. Some will not. The Bible describes the great war of Armageddon in which Demon angels who supported Satan will be destroyed [having heard Jehovah’s’ judgment on Satan the demons are inexcusable] along with a relatively small number of mankind. Thereafter, a great crowd come out of the great tribulation having, put faith in Christ. Satan is locked away for 1000 years.

The millennium will begin to unfold with the earthly representatives in their temporary roles. The millennium will include such things as the grand resurrection from the dead. Wonderful events are going to occur on the earth through this period.

Once all things are complete the devil will be invited to view the outcome. When he had authority over the earth, he made such a mess of the earth. Now, after the millennium is complete, the earth will be a paradise and the perfect human society simply will not accept Satan and his ways once more. Satan will continue with his misguided thinking, thinking that he can wreck that which has been accomplished by God’s kingdom. In an imaginary scene in Revelation, he sees himself as it were, attacking and destroying that which God has accomplished. He imagines himself once again being able to lead a revolt against God’s people. But that time is past. As if in a universal court, Satan expresses himself as to what he would like to do an appeal to the heavens to support him in his course. Nothing will prevent his destruction. Having been judged by every living creature to be unworthy of a place among the living Satan and his crimes are finally over.

What a wonderful time to be alive, and God is now selecting those who will make up the faithful ones on earth, the representatives of God’s kingdom. So, we need not be concerned at the increasing number of anointed. True in some instances these ones express wishful thinking. In other instances, these ones have been genuinely anointed with the prospect of taking their place as a member of those earthly representatives of God’s kingdom who will, in an absolute sense make up the 24 elders dispensing spiritual food at the proper time and exercising authority over all Christ’s belongings during the millennium reign. Once this period is concluded, these anointed ones will happily step aside and into Jehovah’s purpose into the future with so many good things yet to see and accomplish.

Comments on the need for humility among Bible students.

Some have lost their way when it comes to understanding spiritual truth. [See Daniel 11:35]

Bible students over the years have demonstrated a propensity to be especially eager to understand the Scriptures and have approached them from the vantage point of what they know or thought they knew at the time.

For example, some Bible students believed in the period leading up to the 20th century that God’s kingdom had been established in the 1800s. They made a connection to a period of time referred in the Scripture as the Gentile times. This time, they calculated would conclude in the 1870s. Some Bible students later calculate this time to end in 1914. Now we know that this period concluded in 1935. And we have ample evidence to show that this conclusion is accurate. [See timeline]

However, while on the one hand there have been Bible students who have shown a propensity towards eagerness to understanding Scripture there have been others who have been less humble in their approach. They have been unwilling to revisit conclusions that they have already drawn and re-examine in the light of more accurate evidence. Some have stubbornly stuck to ideas that have subsequently been demonstrated to be entirely wrong. This happens and sadly it is a fact of the modern history of some. But this can change. If these take the time to research carefully and honestly the facts, and pray for guidance, then those earnestly searching for truth will find it.

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