The Anointed, Their Roles and The Family Unit Of Anointed Ones

Not all Anointed in the first century were chosen for the Kingdom and some will be resurrected to the earth

That anointed wives or husbands will not be separated from their partners when Christ returns

That 144,00 is a symbolic number that honors Abraham

Correcting a wrong thought. Early Bible students considered that everybody who became a Christian in the first century had one hope. They considered that that one hope was to rule with Christ in the heavens as part of the kingdom. From this consideration in the 19th century a number of conjectures have led to the perpetuation of this incorrect notion. While the conclusion takes into account some Scriptures it fails to take into account all of the various references. So let us consider anointing and holy spirit in the hope of Christians in the first century and today.

Jesus clearly promised the 11 faithful apostles that they would have a role in his kingdom and the heavenly reward. So there is no doubt that the heavenly reward was understood by the apostles. Jesus had explained in his ministry that there was a need for people to be baptized both in water and in holy spirit. However in Matthew chapter 22 verse 14 Jesus reveals a very important truth about anointing and selection as far as the kingdom is concerned. He said “many will be called yet few will be chosen.”

However in Matthew chapter 22 verse 14 Jesus reveals a very important truth about anointing and selection as far as the kingdom is concerned. He said “many will be called yet few will be chosen.”


The Kingdom Was Always To Be A Small Number

Therefore in the first century all were anointed as Christians with the prospect of possibly being chosen to be part of the kingdom but as Christ had explained few would actually be selected.

When it came to the kingdom it was always going to be the case that it would be a very small number who would rule in heaven with Christ.

Consider the apostle Paul. He was an outstanding minister and missionary. He wrote 14 books of the Bible. You would have thought that he would automatically have qualified to be part of the kingdom. And yet he knew that it was not automatic.

In Philippians chapter 3 verses 13 and 14 the apostle Paul said this “brothers, I do not yet consider that I have taken hold of the prize but one thing is certain. Forgetting the things behind and stretching forward to the things ahead I am stretching forward toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God by means of our King Christ Jesus.”

brothers, I do not yet consider that I have taken hold of the prize

Apostle Paul

When you consider what the apostle Paul had accomplished you begin to appreciate the truth of Jesus words in Matthew chapter 22 verse 14 that “many are called yet few are chosen.”

Later the apostle Paul acknowledged that he had received confirmation of his heavenly reward and he acknowledged that he was not alone. There would be others yet who would receive the reward of a place in the kingdom.

Second Timothy chapter 4 verses seven and eight “I have fought the fine fight and I have run the race to the finish. I have observed the faith. And now I do know that there is reserved for me the Crown of righteousness which our Lord and righteous judge will give me as a reward in that day. And yet this reward is not only for me but also to all those who have loved his manifestation along with me.”

And now I do know that there is reserved for me the Crown of righteousness which our Lord and righteous judge will give me as a reward in that day.

Apostle Paul

Clearly, some but not all who have received the Holy Spirit or were anointed with the Holy Spirit were in line for a heavenly reward. The majority will look forward to the resurrection already described in Scripture from the time of the patriarch Job. This is a resurrection to earthly life. This resurrection was well understood in the first century.

Why is the kingdom a small number?

The Bible reveals that when Christ returns he will return with great power along with many angels.

For example in Matthew 25 verse 31 we read “and the son of man will come in his glory and all the angels with him and he will sit down on his throne.”

In Matthew 28 verse 18 we read “Jesus approached them and spoke to them saying ‘all authority has been given me in heaven and on earth.'”

Simply put therefore Jesus does not require a large number of associate kings. With the angels and the small number of associates he can accomplish all that God has put before him. And remember that the kingdom’s purpose is to restore the earth to a paradise. The kingdom has a limited purpose. Once the Earth is restored to a paradise its work and the work of Jesus as its king is essentially complete.

Simply put therefore Jesus does not require a large number of associate kings.

What happens next is described in the book of first Corinthians chapter 15 verse 28 “and when all things have been subjected to the son then the son himself will also subject himself to the father who subjected all things to him that God may be all things to everyone once more.”

Jesus hands back his temporary role to Jehovah with the work complete as far as the Earth is concerned.

Man is designed to live on the earth. While the kingdom members who ascend to heaven will enjoy many privileges and will doubtless enjoy many more, it is a change of direction for these ones. And remember that they had loved ones on the earth. True death ended their association with loved ones but still in the resurrection their role is now different. It would not serve Jehovah’s purpose for so many of mankind not to be part of the original purpose for which mankind was created. More on this point later.

Why then does the Bible speak of 144,000 in Revelation wearing crowns and sitting on thrones?

Revelation is a book of symbols. Revelation chapter 1 verse one reads “A revelation by Jesus Christ which God gave him to show his servants the things that must shortly take place. And this was transmitted by an angel who presented it in signs to his slave John.”

Even the description of the 144,000 contains wording that is clearly symbolic. God had previously promised Abraham that his descendants would be blessed with kingdom authority. Revelation uses symbolic words to indicate that the majority of those in the kingdom would be from Abraham’s lineage. With a percentage being from non-Jewish lineage. When Satan was cast out of heaven in 1935 he immediately caused human agencies to intensify their attack on Abraham’s children with the vicious attack on the Jews in Europe. This was his last opportunity to affect God’s decision insofar as kingdom members were concerned.

The use of a number for the kingdom and in contrast to the lack of a number for the great crowd who come out of the great tribulation shows that the kingdom is a fixed number. But we should not take it actually in a literal sense as if the kingdom has a fixed number of 144,000.

In the modern day there have been some who have received God’s spirit. These have rightfully partaken of the emblems during the memorial of Christ death. However in the 1930s many realized that they were not anointed. Since then only a small number have been anointed by Holy Spirit along the way.

A second group also pictured in heaven have been anointed for a specific purpose. Anointing with Holy Spirit was used in Hebrew times and pre-Christian times in a prophetic sense. That is prophets were given God’s spirit. Men such as Samson, Samuel, Moses and others received a portion of God’s spirit. In this case the anointing relates to the 24 elders in Revelation who, while they would have been qualified for the kingdom, were born after these ones were selected. Jesus foretold that prior to his return in kingdom power in the early 2030s there would be those sharing accurate spiritual truth with mankind. Christ foretold that when he returned in kingdom power he would appoint these ones for a special purpose. These 24 elders are the same group that he referred to as the faithful and prudent slave. Or the faithful and discreet slave depending on which translation of the Bible is referred to.

The 24 elders are symbolically pictured as being in the heavens. However in Revelation they cast their crowns before the throne showing that while both Jehovah and Jesus highly regard them as individuals their role will be as earthly representatives of the kingdom.

So to recap our discussion, the anointing with Holy Spirit began at Pentecost in 33 CE. The spirit was given as a token with each person being given the spirit having the possibility of being part of God’s kingdom. However as Jesus explained in Matthew chapter 22 “many are called but few are chosen.” Many who lived even in the first century and who were Christians will enjoy an earthly resurrection.

The anointing of those with the heavenly call concluded in the 20th century.

Some elders have been anointed in more recent times. For these the anointing with Holy Spirit relates to the opportunity to become part of the faithful slave class in the future. These ones are busily dispensing spiritual food or accurate spiritual information to the world in advance of Christ return in the 2030s. Collectively today these ones can be referred to as the 24 elders. Revelation chapter 4 verse 10 reads “the 24 elders fall down before the one seated on the throne and worship Jehovah who lives for ever and ever. And they cast their crowns before the throne.”

This is a wonderful truth. Some anointed overseers in the 21st century are married men. Because of not understanding the truth about anointing some of their wives live with the dreadful feeling that one day they will lose their husbands. That God will somehow part them from their husband as their husband is taken to heaven. However this is not the case. Prior to the arrival of the kingdom, those who have fallen asleep in death have experienced the breaking of the marriage bond. This would be somewhat different to Jehovah God breaking up a marriage and taking an anointed father and husband away from his wife. It is particularly callous to imagine Jehovah God acting in such a way.

From a scriptural perspective then the kingdom is clearly understood. There would always be a small heavenly group working along with Christ and with the myriads of angels at Christ’s command. This was what was described in Scripture. In the latter part of the 20th and early part of the 21st century in particular some overseers have been anointed with Holy Spirit for a specific purpose of providing spiritual food at the proper time. What does this mean?

The message regarding the Christ and the kingdom has not changed for the best part of 2000 years. Therefore spiritual food at the proper time is not simply repeating what we already knew. Spiritual food at the proper time is new information that clarifies and puts right our understanding of the Scriptures at just the right time that God’s people need it.

So isn’t it wonderful to now have an accurate understanding of anointing and how the kingdom operates as a small group in conjunction with the Angels and God’s arrangement. Further it is comforting to understand that those anointed in recent times will serve as earthly members of the kingdom arrangement and work closely with the heavenly arrangement. Nor is it failure when some of those who have been anointed in decades past are resurrected back to the earth. They were anointed but as Jesus said “many are called but just a few are chosen.” God’s purpose was always for mankind to live in the physical earthly realm in the material universe.

What Wonderful News For Wives Fearing Losing Their Husbands.

And what wonderful news for those whose husbands have been anointed. They do not need to fear that they will lose their husband as if somehow the husband will be caught away into the heavens leaving them in a despairing state at the loss of their partner. Jehovah was the instigator of the marriage arrangement. Jesus himself quoted the words “what God has put together let no man put apart.” How could Jehovah be party to breaking up a close marital union. It is unthinkable.

Spiritual food at the proper time is a wonderful thing. With just over a decade to go until Christ returns in kingdom power we need to ponder what we are doing with our lives. Wonderful days lie ahead. Therefore stay closely involved with the latest spiritual food and be sure to keep up as regular bulletins of spiritual truth are shared on a global scale.

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