Panic and Truth

Why So Much Fear?

Around the globe people with Christian values are showing how to approach serious issues such as plagues. Peaceful, law abiding, caring. It sets a good tone. At the same time, we may wonder at these global plagues and difficulties. It is good to understand people and understand where we are in the stream of time. Amos 3:7 tells us ‘The Sovereign Lord Jehovah will not do a single thing without He shares His confidential thinking with his servants.’ Therefore, we know that His purpose is something we can understand.

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Covid-19 Trust & Truth

While some are making jokes about people buying toilet rolls in bulk and sourcing supplies and stocking up it would be prudent to stop and think WHY people feel that there is a need to do this. In Britain for example communication has been slower than people expected and the results are now being felt in the community. In the USA testing has been slower than expected of a country such as this. In Italy the medical systems were overwhelmed at an incredible rate. In country after country the death toll rises.

The truth is that the figures re COVID-19 are always behind reality. As a result, people do not feel safe.

Man’s View

In Australia the country has been rocked with tragic events. The bush fires wreaked havoc across the states. The current figures show that 33 people died. And yes, it was huge. But the difference in response from the man in the street as opposed to government responses was startling. Ordinary men and women dug deep and put their lives on the line. The government response was questioned. They got there but many have expressed the view that their performance was well short of what a democratic public have a right to expect.

Now COVID-19 is a challenge to the world community. People are being asked to trust the same authorities. Again, there is a difference. Doctors and nurses on the front line are amazing. People can and do step up. But expect people to accept assurances that government will step up quickly and help? In country after country response times have been poor. Denial, poor communication, delays, hesitation, lack of funding and apparently acceptable loss? Really? People know that businesses will close, jobs will be lost, and people will die. Most of all they know that people will die and that there will be poor information on the subject.

How does the Bible help?

Once again, the distinction between the professional and the performance of those paid to govern delivering a message through the hands of those paid to spin facts is obvious. There is a huge gulf between the professionalism of those in the front line and those making comment from a safe distance. Politics gets in front of the professionals. Ecclesiastes 8:9 tells us that ‘Man rules over man to his injury.’ There are always casualties.

So yes, people will panic. They have heard the spin before.

Yes, issues are complex. Yes, there is more to it than quoted above. However, until such time as people know that government has its priorities right, that people count, don’t expect the panic to disappear quickly. Faith in something higher and knowledge of the time we are in is the way to control panic and fear.

Now watch the spin. It will begin with keys words and phrases. ‘They don’t have the facts’ ‘we are doing all that we can’ ‘that isn’t the issue’ ‘people who challenge are ill informed’ and so it will roll on. And genuine people who panic will be called names, belittled because of their lack of trust. And especially the leaders will seek to identify themselves alongside the professionals who are really carrying the load. Camera anyone?

And people will grieve the loss of loved ones. And ultimately answers are hard to find.

See Christian Values at Work!

It is obvious that many people behave with Christian values. You can see who is driven by selfishness and who is driven by greed. Christian values include sharing and caring while those driven by selfishness and driven by greed. Many people have exercised a considerate approach in the community. Many have not been driven to raid shops and seize as much as they can.

The scenes we have seen on the news and other places of people fighting over supplies and hoarding toilet rolls demonstrate a mixture of fear, panic and an absence of Christian values. True, those with Christian values do feel a measure of anxiety – who wouldn’t at this time. But the restraint and courtesy that have been demonstrated by many has clearly demonstrated that many do have values and a moral code that is worthy of note.

Christ is Returning!

The fact is that this is a time of hope. The hope of Christ’s return. And yes he is coming quickly.

We are in a time of prophecy!

In the lead up to Christ return to judge the results of man and his ability to govern himself independently of God, the Bible describes a series of events that we are now seeing. Revelation 6:8 describes deadly plague on a global scale. Revelation 8:7 to 9:21 describes the earth being ravaged by a series of plagues that includes the death of marine life, great fires around the globe, and many causes of death and destruction that costs many lives. It is described as continuing a global scale until Christ’s return. While Revelation describes these things, it is not God who causes them. It is man.

The fact that these plagues are not all described as occurring at the same time but described individually confirms that we will see these plagues progressively and have time to reflect on their impact and on our ability to govern our lives. Against this back drop we will see how many turn to a secular approach to society and then mankind fulfills the prophecy thrice given [twice in the book of Revelation and once in the book of Daniel] when it turns on religion and moves to a wholly secular society.

Be Different!

In the meantime, let all who have Christian values set the lead in demonstrating care and consideration for others. We must be peaceful and law-abiding citizens and follow the best health practices. As we warned previously it is a good practice to have supplies on hand for at least 14 days. This includes medications and a reasonable supply of water and drinks. The Bible describes a fully functioning society as the end arrives so we should not expect to see anarchy. Rather we will face the Lords return as a chastened society having faced great challenges and humbly acknowledging our need for God’s help.

Let Your Conduct Show Who You Are!

In Malachi 3:18 we see God’s prophecy that ‘You will again see the distinction between the righteous and the selfish one, between one who serves God and one who does not serve God.’ It is in times like this that the distinction comes to the fore. So, let all with Christian values work hard to maintain them. Soon at Christs return we will experience relief from the pain of the plagues that are now sweeping the globe.

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