In One Sentence – The Whole Story Of The Bible

The Whole Story In Just One Sentence

When paradise and everlasting life on earth are both lost due to the interference of a wicked spirit, God sets about successfully returning both to mankind in a just manner, through another spirit son, ending up with paradise restored and everlasting life.


The story of the Bible in four paragraphs

As the Bible opens man has a huge task ahead of him. He is to populate and take care of the earth. To assist him God offers two provisions: firstly, he can seek guidance from God through God’s spokesperson to help with difficult choices that need to be made, and secondly, God offers to sustain man’s life indefinitely. In demonstration of what man can look forward to the Bible describes a paradise garden in Eden. Another angelic spokesperson argues for another choice, that man can care for the earth without needing to depend on God and that he can live indefinitely without any special provision from God. Adam as the spokesperson for mankind decides in favor of this second angelic messenger. This is the essence of the Genesis account.

God in turn respects Adams decision but immediately makes provision for Adam’s as yet unborn descendants who will suffer as a result of Adams choice. God allows time for man to fill the earth upon which time God’s spokesperson will return to judge the results. Immediately the idea that man can live indefinitely without God’s provision is shown to be a lie as death among mankind begins with the first reported deaths. But what of the other task? Will man be able to exercise dominion over the earth in a non-destructive manner? After a false start during which time angels materialize and live with mankind and cause great harm God creates a large flood that floods out large areas of the earth so that mankind can still fill the remaining earth surface and care for it without needing to extend the period of time. The evil angels are restricted from ever returning to earth. God reveals that his spokesperson is known as the ‘Word’ and that the angel who misled mankind is called the ‘Devil’ and God calls the angels who interfered with mankind ‘Demons.’

At just past the half way point of man’s history after the flood God’s spokesperson visits the earth in human form and lives as a man. This is Jesus. He explains how God will put right the harm caused by man’s poor choices and the Devil’s influence and resurrect all of the dead. God is engineering a time when He will again offer mankind the same benefits: access to guidance from God through God’s spokesperson to help with difficult choices that need to be made, and secondly, God will again arrange to sustain man’s life indefinitely. In the lead up to the day of judgment when Jesus will judge whether mankind has ruined the earth or not, the demons make an all-out effort to gather mankind to Armageddon. Knowing that they are about to be destroyed for their heinous crimes of genocide against mankind they want man to side with them and reject outright the notion of dependence on God. Yet, right up until judgment day mankind will continue, for the most part, to display noble qualities and many will wake up to the way that religion in general has hidden the bibles message. [That man is seeking guidance is well illustrated by man’s use of the Internet where every day people search for information and answers. This natural disposition will be enhanced when man is given access to God-given guidance.]

The Bible explains that huge events make life at the end of the period of time till judgement difficult. The earth is being ruined. Rejecting the falsehood of false religion, the earths nation are considering moving to a secular society. God has appointed 24 elders to spread the truth about the Bible and this becomes well understood. Natural justice causes mankind to take significant steps toward a secular society when people begin to realize just how much false religion has contributed to mankind’s problems. However, the earth will enter a total secular state for just 45 days. People have difficulty with the concept of religious truth but this is about to change. The bible concludes with Christ’s return as God’s spokesperson with authority over the earth. Initially there is great fear but as people begin to understand the truth, then finally this turns to joy as mankind enters into paradise conditions and the grand resurrection. The demons are destroyed in the event called Armageddon. Mankind enters a blissful period during which time mankind depends on God for guidance and His provisions for life, which result in his life extending indefinitely. While the demons have been destroyed the Devil has been put to sleep for a period until such time as the earth is a paradise and mankind is restored. The bible concludes on two notes: firstly, with the Devil dreaming that he can wreck man’s futures, such is his mentally diseased state, however the universe, now including a happy human society, judges his actions and lies and he is destroyed. And secondly, now finally man is free of outside interference and life moves forward to amazing events ahead.


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