Is God a Trinity? The nature of God is something that is debated by people from all sorts of backgrounds from the scientific to the religious.

It is possible that the first sentence in the Bible is designed to make us stop and think about that question. The first sentence in the Bible states that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. We now know quite a bit about the vastness of the universe and the fact that there are huge galaxies and clusters of galaxies and that time and space seems to be beyond immense. In fact the physical universe is beyond human comprehension. Yet the Bible states that God created all of this. So we live in a universe beyond human comprehension therefore how could we begin to comprehend its maker. We can certainly comprehend things about God but as to the nature of God being a Trinity, we would need to stop and think about where that idea comes from.

Scientific knowledge increases rapidly and we are forced to constantly revise our understanding of the universe. For example we thought that matter was solid, that galaxies had a fixed number of stars and we thought we understood our place in the galaxy. We now know that matter is not solid and that galaxies do not have a fixed number of stars and we have no comprehension of our place in the galaxy.  We have simply scratched the surface of what there is to know. Each time we explore further we find it there is much more that we need to know. Therefore it takes a certain amount of arrogance to start to define God in human terms since he must be considerably much more advanced than we are.

The old illustration about bringing someone from 200 years ago into the modern day and letting them see our scientific accomplishments applies. Someone from 200 years ago would look at what we can do today and consider it marvelous or possibly magic. But imagine if we could travel several million years into the future and see the technological and scientific accomplishments after such a journey. We would be totally overwhelmed. Then take it even further and imagine a journey of billions of years. You get the picture. Clearly God is many many times more advanced than we can possibly imagine. It doesn’t take much to conclude that any thing that we know about God can only be based on things that he tells us or that we can discern from creation. It is obvious that he is incredibly powerful and has the ability to make complexity at a minute level.

Where does the idea of a trinity come from? The original concept of a trinity godhead finds its roots in Babylon and came into existence 2000 years prior to Christ. The original godhead of three in one is centered on Satan worship and evolved around the first king of Babylon who was Nimrod.

The Egyptian culture picked up the idea and later the Greeks absorbed it though each instance involved renaming the central characters. So during the same period of time that the Bible was being written, the nations that were regarded as gentiles or pagans had adopted to some degree Trinity gods or the Trinity godhead. In contrast the Bible described God as  one God or God the Father. In it’s 700,000 plus words it never describes God as ever being a Trinity or part of a Trinity. The concept is alien to the pages of the Bible.

Interestingly today some people believe that the Trinity is the central doctrine of Christianity. Since the doctrine is not found in the Bible and was originally conceived in connection with the worship of Satan, it makes you wonder how it could possibly have found its way into what is termed mainstream Christianity.

The spread of the teaching about the Christ moved in a rapid way following his death in 33 of our common era. People were being preached to all over the world and of course these people had very little knowledge of Jewish culture and had their own set of ideas as far as religion and worship were concerned. By the end of the first century there was a developing range of ideas and blending of Christian ideas and cultures. This only accelerated in the second century and the third century. Towards the end of the second century it was suggested that the concept of the Trinity be absorbed into Christian teaching with the idea of God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit being put forth as a way to make it harmonize with at least something found in the Bible. It was initially rejected by most people who were familiar with the Christian basic teachings and what is found in the Bible. However with the input of the Roman authorities and the need to standardize the conflicting Christian ideas found in the ancient world some level of force was added to the idea that people should accept the Trinity.  Without regard for the Bible and without regard for its Satanic origin, the Trinity doctrine was absorbed into mainstream Christianity.

Do we find any insights into the nature of God in the bible? Since this is the only reliable source of information regarding God this is a good question.

Yes we do. There are several examples of God providing a representation of Himself in the Bible. How simple it would have been to picture a godhead with 3 faces or similar. If man can do it then God can.

But no. God didn’t. In Ezekiel and Revelations we see God represented in single form. He even emphasized his uniqueness and singularity in some statements.

The most telling and damming for those who claim that the satanic trinity idea is true occurred at the time of Stephens execution. Stephen has been outspoken and the wrath of the Jews was soon felt as he was stoned to death. Acts 7:55-56 tells us that in vision Stephen saw Jesus standing NEXT to God. Not PART of God but NEXT to God.

So is God a trinity? The concept was invented by pagan worshipers several thousand years before Christ. The God of the Bible reveals himself in the singular. It was not that it was too complicated for people to understand the idea of the Trinity because many nations already had the idea of the Trinity firmly embedded in their religious culture.


 We do not know or understand or comprehend the nature of God. However the idea of the trinity as represented in so called mainstream Christianity is not scriptural or accurate. Having identified that the teaching is associated with Satan or devil worship should cause people to examine their beliefs if they believe in the trinity and to do research. A few clicks of a mouse will guide you to accurate information that will help you to discover that there is far more to God than teachings drawn from ancient Babylon and Egypt / Greece.

The tendency to absorb ideas from religious groups to which people who held a general Christian Faith  came into contact has had a profound effect on the idea of religion and the idea of what is and is not Christian. Not everything found within a church is necessarily Christian. The Bible is the ultimate source of knowledge regarding God and knowledge regarding Christ. It is far better to stick to what we find within its pages than to try to incorporate pagan ideas that find their basis in satanic worship and ritual.

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