How Long Until The End?

Just over 10 years to endure.

Christ Returns Within This Calendar

Mankind has never stood collectively so close to the most important moment in history as it does now. While there had been many powerful events during the course of the last century, the event that is about to occur with Christ return will eclipse this completely. Christ’s return is an imminent event. He is described as returning in kingdom power along with all his angels. Life will take on meaning as the serious questions that we ask about life are finally resolved and some clarity is brought into the situation.

At the moment the world of religion is confusing. Each religious organization claims that they have the one and only accurate understanding of Bible truth. The fact remains that it is impossible to definitively comment on every aspect of the Bible given that so much is omitted from the account.

Two distinct facts remain very clearly stated in Scripture.

The first is that mankind has an enemy. His name is Satan the devil. The devil wants all mankind to be destroyed, and therefore the way that events are unfolding on the earth is in harmony with the book of Revelations Chapter 16 and verse 14, which talks about the gathering of the nations to Armageddon. The devil wants everyone to be destroyed.

The opposing position is stated in the second Peter three verse nine where the Bible clearly states that God does not want to destroy anyone. God wants everyone to attain to a better life.

While religions in general have kept the fact of Jesus alive in the minds and hearts of people, they have also sold an agenda which is peculiar to each particular branch of what may be loosely termed Christian faith. While religions have kept the fact of Jesus in focus they have in fact also misled many by adding a whole range of ideas that predominantly were drawn from religious teachings that pre-existed in lands to which the Christian faith was taken.

Wake Up To The Truth!

Essentially therefore mankind is in ignorance about God. Many make claims about God, but very few search for God.

The book of Isaiah 55:6-9 emphasizes the importance of searching for God. We are encouraged to search for him and it is clearly shown that God wants to be found.

Satan the devil may want all of mankind to be destroyed but it was Jesus who foretold an event that would even this picture out. It would be his return in kingdom power. The initial reaction to the kingdom’s return will be fearful as the Bible clearly shows but thereafter the Bible describes a positive result. A huge number of people respond favorably to Christ return.

It is good to read experiences of people who have had a life changing event. Something took them off the road down which they were descending into a sad potential outcome and helped them to get onto a better way of life. This demonstrates that people have a huge capacity to change. Given the incentive of the return of Christ in kingdom power, and the kindly way that he will deal with people at that time, we can only anticipate that there will be a great crowd which, to use the Bible’s expression “no man can number” that will respond favorably to the message of Christ.

As never before mankind needs to be open to new ideas. We need to accept that we have much to learn. We must put away arrogance and ignorance and be more considerate and understanding. The future can be viewed as a mixed bag, depending on who you speak to. But the future does not have to be bad. It doesn’t mean that we can live in a fools paradise either. In the famous sermon on the Mount, Jesus indicated that we must cultivate a peaceable attitude and a tolerant attitude toward others. Good lessons for all of us and something that we all need to ponder as we think about Christ’s imminent return.


Pandemics are prophesied to occur as the end unfolds. It is a good plan to have a good supply of food and water on hand. Plan for 14 days. There are many food stuffs that store well and if you quietly put away enough supplies you will be well prepared to quietly cope with coming difficulties. Also note that some pandemics will appear to be over and yet will re-emerge. So stay cautious and stay safe.

Beware of False Prophets and False Teachers

Jesus stated that on his return some would point to powerful works. Elijah points to Jesus words.

Jehovah's Witnesses who make claims regarding their preaching work. Jesus comment and Elijah's comments.

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