10 Common Bible Questions

When You Have Questions The Bible Has Answers

This is a set of short questions and simple answers. Scriptural support is in the longer articles posted.

What is the Bible?

The Bible is a collection of 66 books written over a period of approximately 1600 years. The collected books comment on God’s purpose and creative works from the beginning and forward into the future.

Does the Bible Have a Central Story?

The Bible does have a central story. How a fallen angel took over rulership of the earth and how God has respected man’s decision to follow this false god while working towards giving man the opportunity to consider the choice again.

Why is There So Much Suffering?

Man chose to follow a false god. A fallen angel who lied to humanity. The fallen angel is a liar and a cruel unjust person. The suffering we see today is the consequence of this choice taken long ago.

Who is This False God?

His titles are Satan the Devil. When people refer to actions as being ‘demonic’ they capture his characteristics.

Will This False God Rule Forever?

No. God made it clear that while He would respect mankind’s choice for a time, he would put a limit on the period of rule. We are now at the end of this time period.

Couldn’t God Have Stopped The Suffering Before Now?

Mankind made a choice to follow the fallen angel. If God simply stepped in and denied that choice then He would be seen as a dictator who gave man a free will and then denied that choice because He didn’t agree. Man had a right to make his own choices for him and his children. Some of the lessons have been hard but all can be fixed by God.

Is There Hope For The Generations That have Died?

Yes. God will resurrect all who have died and let them make the choice for themselves as to what they want going forward.

What is The Benefit in Doing Things God’s Way?

We have thousands of years of history. We can see the outcome of choices made through that history. When we face the choice in the future we can see the fallacy in Satan’s claims. He said that our lives would be wonderful if we followed him. He is shown up as a liar.

How Does Jesus Fit The Bible Account?

Jesus is the one who will be used by God to give mankind the choice as the system ends shortly. His message of love and kindness demonstrates how different his personality is from Satan. The message that he will return in Kingdom Power has been taken all over the earth.

Why Was He Executed?

Satan had Jesus executed. Satan wanted Jesus to join him and attempted to bribe him. When Jesus died faithful to God he demonstrated that he would never betray God. Now as a resurrected spirit who has proved himself completely faithful to the death there are no questions as regards his loyalty to God and love for mankind. We can be confident that our future is safe.

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