Canaan Palestine Israel

The land of Canaan is approximately 6000 square miles. At its largest dimension it is only 150 miles long and at its greatest width 54 miles wide. It is a beautiful land with extreme variety. Deserts, beautiful farms and coastal features and towering mountains set the scene for some of the greatest events in biblical history. There is a great deal of archaeology to be found within this land and it is believed that much of this remains as yet undiscovered. If only it were possible to dig up certain areas what discoveries might remain to be found.

IBSA Madasa Independent Bible Students
Masada Fort

Think of the areas around the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee is actually an inland lake fed for the most part by the Jordan River. During the days that Jesus walked the earth the fishing industry around this area was substantial. To stand at these areas where Jesus himself stood is still an inspirational feeling. Then think of the Jordan River itself. The Jordan River flows southward from the Sea of Galilee down to the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea

Though the Dead Sea continues to shrink as a result of changes in the area and environment it is still highly reminiscent of the account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and one can well imagine the area when it was alive and beautiful before it became the dead scene that it is today.

Old Jerusalem

And of course the city of Jerusalem itself is the city that has inspired so many different faiths and so many different cultures. It is one of the most highly fought over areas in religious history. Every year pilgrims travel to the city of Jerusalem and are inspired by the things that they see as they travel through the area walking those ancient streets.

Bethlehem at Night

Think of the pilgrims that travel to places like Bethlehem or to the coast and think back to the time of the Phoenicians who set sail from this region and had a kingdom that stretched, apparently in conjunction with the legendary King Solomon, far to Africa and beyond if we are to accept the stories of the great treasure ships that Solomon evidently sent forth. Canaan, to become the land of Israel. What a beautiful land.

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