How Long Until Christ’s Return?

 is there a true religion? What is truth?
Christ’s Return Will Be Glorious

“Look here comes the bridegroom!” These words are part of a central prophecy from Jesus. What do they mean? When is the prophecy fulfilled? How can you benefit? What does this teach us about Jesus?

Here Comes The Bridegroom

The account is contained in the book of Matthew. Chapter 25:1-13.

Matthew 25:1-13 “Then the Reign of Heaven will resemble ten maidens who took their torches and went out to meet a bridegroom.  2 And five of them were foolish and five sensible;  3 for the foolish ones did not take oil with them when they took their torches, but the sensible took oil in pitchers with their torches.  5 And as the bridegroom was long in coming they all grew drowsy and fell asleep.  6 But at midnight there came a shout ‘Here is the bridegroom! come out to meet him!’  7 Then all those maidens woke up and put their torches in order.  8 And the foolish ones said to the sensible ones ‘Give us some of your oil, because our torches are going out’;  9 but the sensible ones answered ‘It might not be sufficient for us and you both; better go to those who have it to sell and buy yourselves some.’  10 But while they were away buying, the bridegroom came, and the ones who were ready went in with him to the wedding, and the door was shut.  11 And afterward the rest of the maidens also came saying ‘Sir, sir, open to us.’  12 But he answered ‘I tell you verily, I do not know you.’  13 So keep awake, because you do not know the day nor the hour.”

Clearly there is no mention of a bride here. The focus is on the return of a bridegroom and ten maidens who are ready early.

Christ’s Return

For many years Christian faiths taught that Jesus would return in Kingdom power. This was foretold by Jesus himself. However Jesus did not reveal how long it would be until his return. Instead he likened himself to a bridegroom coming for his bride and the world of Christian faiths being like 10 maidens or bridal companions who got ready for his return but expected it before it was due. They fall asleep.

Over the years a number of predictions have been made regarding the lords return. In the recent era the years 1874, 1914, 1925 & 1975 have been among many that have been publicized but with no results. Christian faiths have wanted to see Christ return on their timetable. Many are keen to see Christ return in glory coming with the clouds and great signs.

Jesus kindly describes them as being asleep. He doesn’t say anything harsh about them. He simply states that they have become drowsy and drifted to sleep.

Some among the different faiths are more prepared than others. In all Christian faiths there are people of genuine faith. They love God and love the message of the Christ. These are described in the illustration as the 5 sensible maidens or companions. Prepared to wait,  these are alert to the times and seasons and wisely look for clear announcements of truth.

In ancient times a wedding was a simple matter. The bridegroom went to the house of the bride and collected her. Some nice words were spoken. The bridegroom then took his new wife to his home thereby telling everyone that they would henceforth live together as man and wife.

The Cry ‘Here Comes The Bridegroom’ Signifies Christ’s Return

So the call ‘Here is the Bridegroom!’ Signifies the bride coming for his bride. Christs return.

Christs return is like a long awaited wedding. It is the culmination of all the promises made and demonstrated when Christ was on earth.

How will you respond?

When Christ returns it is the time for Christ to reward all those who have been prepared to wait for his direction. Sadly Jesus tells us that some will reject his return. He likens them to foolish maidens who cannot accept what they are seeing and hearing.  Many Christian organizations are fixed in ways and beliefs that are not aligned with the values Jesus extolled. Hence his return will be too hard for some to accept.

Jesus stated that 5 would be ready and 5 would not. That 5 would enter into the marriage feast or be rewarded whereas the remaining 5 would be left outside. Referring to this same group of ones who are rewarded, the bible book of Revelations calls the ones who are rewarded a ‘great crowd which no man can number.’

Revelation 7:9 ‘After this I saw, and there was a great crowd, that no one could count, out of every race and tribe and people and language, standing before the throne and before the lamb, clad in white robes and with palms in their hands..’

Jesus said that his return would be followed by a time of great distress or tribulation. Describing this great crowd, Revelation confirms their identity in verse 14.

Revelation 7:14 ‘And he said to me “These are the ones who come out of the great distress,’

This great crowd is the same as the 5 maidens. When Christ returns there will be many scattered through a whole range of denominations and faiths who will respond favorably. Being genuine people of faith and being willing to exercise faith at that time these ones will make up their minds for Christ.

So how does this involve you?

Here Comes The Bridegroom Is Now A Fact

Well ‘Here comes the Bridegroom!’

Yes the cry is now being shouted. Not in early anticipation of something as yet far off but a genuine cry of the approach of the Christ. Yes the bridegroom is on his way and soon he will appear with the clouds  of heaven. Angels will accompany his return. At that time mankind will have a choice. What choice will you make?

How Do You Respond To Christ’s Impending Return?

Now is the time to awaken from a life course devoted to self. Let’s prove ourselves to be people who are genuinely interested in others, exercise love in our families and our dealings with others and promote peace with all. In just over a decade from now the earth will enter a period that the Bible calls the ‘Great Tribulation.’ Then Christ will return in a startling manner.

Genuine Bible Truth

The Elders want everyone to be up to date with accurate truth. The Bible is a much misunderstood book. We are dedicated Bible researchers with a Christian background and without affiliation to any religious group. We avoid the internal politics and wrangling and issues that religion entails. Here you will find only truth.

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