Understanding The Times We Are In

There will be Pandemics

The preaching work is complete

We should worship from Home now

Nations must sweep away religious organizations steeped in ideas from Babylon

That God’s Kingdom with Christ as King is just over a decade away

That we should withdraw financial support from religions that hide the truth about Gods Coming Kingdom

Dear Friends,

Many are deeply concerned that their love for the Lord has brought them both joy and troubles. As the Christ said, ‘the sheep know the voice of the master’ and thus, in an earnest search to find the truth, many have found their way into many groups. For there are many today who claim that their way, is the only way. They claim to speak for the Christ but they do not speak with his voice.

Many False Ideas In The Last Days

In exchange for a certain amount of truth you have found yourself in a good place but also a bad place at times. Many have exulted themselves above you and forced you to make choices that you did not want. This has created a difficult choice for you, because to obtain the small amount of truth you have also accepted that which is clearly not from Christ.

As our beloved apostle wrote, bad men and imposters have appeared on the earth. At times your faith brings joy but at times also sadness. Deep within each of you as beloved sheep of the Christ you are men and women of love. Humility and honesty lie deep within the souls of those who wish to serve the Christ. And so, the voice of conscience and the voice of truth has sometimes brought you into conflict with those who exercise authority over you. For these ones speak in the name of the Christ but not with the voice of the Christ.

It was long foretold that this time would come. But there would come a time of difficulty. That time has arrived beloved ones, and do you discern it? It is time for truth. It is time to understand what has been happening.

simple Bible Truth. Jehovah's Witness Elijah Last Days

Do not be surprised at the evil things that you have seen as if somehow this was unexpected. Did not our Lord speak an illustration in which he spoke of a field sown with fine grain. Our Lord said that he had sown this field, but that an enemy, the devil, had come and sown in the same field with weeds. And then in wisdom our Lord decreed that the wheat and the weeds would grow together, until the harvest time. The harvest time would be the end of days and in the time of our Lord’s return. At this time the wheat and the weeds are separated. Now we know that the harvest time is just ahead. Therefore, the wheat and the weeds are growing together in the same field and in the same religious groups. You dear loved ones of the Lord are the wheat, but you must contend with the weeds for now.

Therefore, there is contention and trouble around you. Many claim to speak for the Christ but they are certainly not from the Christ. They speak according to their own desires. But they have forgotten that Christ is coming. The time of harvest is approaching and peace with it. Be assured of God’s deep love.

Our Lord spoke an illustration of the great net. This great net gathers fish both large and small. It gathers fish both good and bad. This net would gather in all the fish, but in time, there would come a period of sorting. This sorting would occur at the conclusion of the days. This great net includes all of those who claim to speak in the name of the Christ. Many claim great and powerful works in the name of the Christ, and yet our Lord himself said, that one day he would say to many of these ones, ‘I never knew you.’

A Great Net That Is Sorted On His Return

Our Lord prophesied that as the conclusion of the system of things approached, there would be many who claimed great insight and knowledge. Yet at the same time through the prophet Daniel our God said clearly, that many would rove about in the earth and that, the true knowledge would become abundant in these last days. And so there are many religious groups that have found some knowledge. And some have used the knowledge for good. But others have used their knowledge to control. Having a little knowledge alone is not enough. The time has come for complete knowledge so that the day of little things is set aside.

Our Lord said that there would be many false prophets who would identify themselves with the true church. These would be identified by false prophecies that they claimed in the name of the Christ. And have there not been many who have testified and witnessed with false prophecies. Now God has never given a false prophecy, all his prophecies are truth. Now Christ has never given a false prophecy, all his prophecies are truth. Where then do false prophecies come from? False prophecies come from one source, and it is not from above.

They say it is Truth but is it?

Both the Father and the son stated clearly what would occur in the time leading up to the last days. And yet, how would lovers of Christ know the truth? Again, this simple mystery is easily explained.

All lovers of truth hold the same things in common. That there was a son, who was from God and he was born to a righteous woman called Mary in the town of Bethlehem. And at the birth of the child the angels sang, and men gave thanks that the season of goodwill had finally arrived. And God himself acknowledged this one is his son. And God saved him when the evil king sought this child and killed many children. And thus, it came to be that just like Moses who had come before him and had been in Egypt, so in turn this Christ was brought from Egypt when all was safe. And then when he was about 30 years of age, he was baptized by John in the Jordan River. God himself declared this one his son and said he was beloved and approved.

And then a great ministry began with a simple message that the kingdom of the heavens has drawn near. It was a wonderful time and many truths were shared. There was great rejoicing among people of goodwill. But the people turned against this Christ and they executed him even as the prophets had said, after just three and a half years. And three days later this one was raised from the dead and the great mystery was explained. And the apostles did not know what to make of it but were told to preach the good news of the kingdom. That Christ had died and was risen and that all hope for the future rested with the kingdom of the heavens. The Christ himself said, that all authority had been given him in heaven and on earth and that he would be with his followers even to the conclusion of the system of things. And the apostle Paul our beloved brother explained that Christ had paid a ransom and that God accepted this ransom price so that all those who wish to avail themselves of the blessing of the kingdom of the heavens could do so. And so sacrifices ended with this Christ.

Christ Ascends

This Christ was caught away into the heavens. But on earth the great work had begun. And men preached the Christ wherever they could find people to listen. They did not build churches. They did not build a kingdom on the earth. They preached a simple message. They went into the homes and they spoke to people and when people heard the message, they put faith in this Christ. And they did not mix the faith that they took with the ideas of Greek or Roman teachers. They preached the simple message of faith in the Christ. And the effect that it had was remarkable.

Christ had spoken of love to one’s brother and so it was that the Christians believed and put faith in these words and became followers of Christ. And they did not do this by building churches or giving themselves titles, but their home became their church and they shared all things in common. When they spoke with people, they encouraged faith in this Christ and encouraged the way of love.

And so, it was that Paul stated that the message was preached in all creation under heaven. Though when our dear brother Paul made this statement, the message had yet to reach the far-off nations beyond the realm of Rome. And shortly after Paul spoke these words the prophecies of Christ were fulfilled. For Christ had spoken of Jerusalem’s destruction and in 70CE these words were fulfilled. And Jerusalem was destroyed.

The preaching work continued and the message spread from land to land. For Christs kingdom is heavenly. And it did not need Jerusalem on earth to see its purpose fulfilled. And men heard the simple message and they put their trust in God. And it was simple and it was encouraging.

And when the restraint was removed, and the apostles had all passed away, there arose men who distorted the way of the truth. For them the simple faith of Christ was too simple. For them meeting in homes was not enough. For them the sharing of all things in common was not enough. It was even as the beloved brother said. Men of selfish intent came to be among the sheep, and they built for themselves a church. And they fashioned their churches according to the ways of the Greeks and Romans and they built altars and statues. Many adorned themselves with purple and they used gold and silver, and they spoke grandiose things and they came to become a great kingdom. But this kingdom was a kingdom on earth, whereas Christ had spoken of the kingdom of the heavens. And these men claimed to speak for the Christ but they did not speak with Christ voice. And thus, like weeds they sought to crush down the wheat. And they created a division with some above and many below. But they had not reckoned with the power of God or the power of the Christ.

And They Went After Gold And Distorted The Bible’s Message

And thus, it was that before the last days arrived the works of Satan had been shown to fail. Many had sought to distort the teaching of the Scriptures and to destroy the Bible. And many false ideas regarding the Bible had been spread even as they are to this day. And yet humble man of many faiths determined to translate the Scriptures into the language of the common people. And the Bible was not lost, and its message became clearer, and so men began to preach the good news of the kingdom. And the men did not know fully what the kingdom was, but they did perceive that it was the only hope for the future. And they preached that this Christ was the son of God and that he had died and had risen from the dead. They knew that the only hope for the future rested with the Christ who had been given all authority in heaven and on earth, and on the sovereignty of God who is above all, God Almighty.

But one by one the men who had preached the simple message passed away and in their wake were those who wanted to mix the good news of the kingdom with other ideas. And so, they built churches and adorned them in different ways. Some adorned them simply and others adorned them grandly and all in turn followed in the way of the leaders who had come before.

And this time there was a difference because it was possible for many to perceive the good news of the kingdom. So, the preaching work continued and again it was a simple message. But on the one hand people responded warmly to the message of the Christ but, then in turn struggled, with what they saw in the church. For men behaved with weakness and greed, and all knew that this was not from the Christ. And the men who claim to speak for Christ explained some truth but not all, and they do not speak with the voice of the Christ.

And so we arrive at the final part of the days. Satan has raised up ridicule as a weapon. Even as the apostle Paul foretold when he spoke to the disciple Timothy. Men are ridiculers with their ridicule. And thus, it is, that when people speak of the Bible and its simple message, most people respond with ridicule and humor and in so doing fail to recognize the truth that has been hidden behind the faces of the church. Satan rejoices. But his time has arrived.

simple Bible Truth. Jehovah's Witness Elijah Last Days

And others claim to be the true faith. And some have put on the mantle of a faithful servant. But they have placed it on their own shoulders. And they have made many promises. And they have caused much pain in their ways. But their ways are distorted and they are ridiculed. And they fail to perceive that the ridicule is just. They defend the indefensible and are always moving. They should listen to the Christ for who knows who may be saved. And yet they have a little truth. And they fail to perceive that the time to separate the wheat and the weeds has arrived. Yet there are many there who are honest and true and these must show humility and repent. For many may be saved. For these discern paradise lost. They see some but not all.

Putting On A Mantle Does Not Make A Wolf Into A Sheep

And so the time came to say that the preaching work was done.

It is just as when the apostle Paul our dear brother said that the preaching work had been done in all creation under heaven and yet it was simply in the realm of Rome. Today the preaching work has been done in all creation under heaven, and the message of the good news of the kingdom has been preached and the preaching work is finished. And if those who wish to continue to preach do so, then let then pray to God and gain understanding. Let no man delude you with false claims. The preaching work is done. Christ himself spoke the word that not everyone would hear the message.

The idea that all must hear is foolish. The preaching is a facet of the sign of the approaching end and it is done. And many have done it and among these are many of real faith. But there is much confusion among these. But these must recognize that simple faith is important. The answering of many questions is wearisome. And will these ones demonstrate pride or humility. Indeed the days will reveal it.

The Time Is Up

And now men must listen to the Christ. And they must discern the difference when they hear the voice of the Christ. And they must step away from the day of small things. And now the Christ is preparing for the conclusion of the system of things and for a tribulation such as this earth has never seen.

And so now there will be tribulation. Some of the tribulation will be brought upon the religions by themselves. Some of the tribulation will find its root in the wrath and revenge of the downtrodden. This is what was described to John in the revelations when he spoke of earthquakes coming upon the earth. Now John recorded revelations in signs just as our Lord revealed it to him. It’s meaning was to remain hidden until now.

For each religion has claimed that their hands were clean, and their hearts were pure. And some have acted blatantly and defiantly but others have done things in secret. And now what is secret is exposed, and it is the children who cry out in pain. And there must be restitution. And each in turn can make a choice. They can repent and change. But if they will not repent the axe is sharpened and the root stock is exposed. And like a mighty tree they will fall. And some will show humility.

And there will be tribulation. But the tribulation will not encompass all. There will be great earthquakes in the realm of religion but among men of commerce there will be success. And so, as religion falls the order of commerce will arise quickly when the material will replace the spiritual. And it is already at the door. And the ridiculers will ridicule loudly. The men will say here we have peace. There will appear to be a basis for peace in all the earth, and people will say, did we not say it that, when religion was cast aside there will be peace and prosperity in all the earth. And finally, at the end of the period of time they will devastate the realm of religion. They will not be satisfied to cast it to one side, but they will see the need to destroy it and they will take away all of the emblems and material things with which the church has clothed itself.

Religion’s Collapse Will Be Great

And all men will see this as a basis for peace. And they will believe that peace will follow. For they perceive that peace should be between brothers. But they do not see the need for peace with God. And as they make peace with each other there will be great excitement. But there will also be great troubles. For they will shake their heads in confusion. Why has the peace not arrived?

And you must quietly separate yourselves from those who distort the way. You will not need to preach for the preaching work is done. So, you will go into your interior rooms, and when you worship you worship at home for the preaching work has been accomplished. As for the congregation of God worldwide regardless of faith before knowledge, all of God’s children will have the faith in common. And some will come and ask what this truth is, and you must share it. And because it is possible to talk via the technology of the earth so the congregation of God will become stronger and stronger. And we will encourage one another through this last period. And this time will extend but a short period until the work is complete. And then the end will come. And a new beginning.

And one by one the earthquakes will shake the earth as religion falls and as the earth changes then men will declare that they have peace. Peace and security will be the cry, and some will say peace with security, and some will sigh in great satisfaction, and with a sense of security and peace. And men will look at this great religious institution that they have devastated, and they will mock, for there was no God who came to rescue them. And as for some they will cry and mourn, for they could not separate themselves from the church. Men of commerce will weep at their loss, for who will purchase the apparels of purple and the items of gold that the church purchased. And men will say that the like of this will never come again, and in this they will be correct.

simple Bible Truth. Jehovah's Witness Elijah Last Days

And then dear ones the day will dawn when Christ returns. And they will see him coming in the clouds with power and great glory. That which was invisible will become visible and he will call upon all those around the earth who have declared themselves for Christ. And those who have gone into their interior rooms will lift their heads with joy. And Christ will trust them to go into their interior rooms until the denunciation passes over them. For they will have made preparations. And Christ will declare judgement and Christ will allow time for there to be a clear division between those who serve God and those who do not. And men will realize that their wealth is worthless. And many will defy the Christ. But many will exercise humility and will soften the face of the Christ. And only those who listen will be prepared.

Christ’s Return

But first comes the sorting. And there will be a period in which separation will occur. And those who genuinely have love for the Lord will separate themselves and in their homes they will worship God. For there will be a recognition that Christ did not build churches or collect gold or make complicated that which God made simple. And as for the great city made up of all the religions of the world their members will depart and go home. Like waters that drain away will the people depart. The waters on which they sit will turn to the Christ and accept the simple truth of God’s love. And men will realise that the simple message of truth is that Christ has risen from the dead and that in God’s due time he will come and bring peace upon the earth once again. And that which was made crooked will be made straight. And everlasting life will be the gift to those who trust in the Lord. And paradise will return.

And I saw a mystery. 24 elders before the throne of God. These 24 elders cast their crowns before the throne. They will not serve as Kings and their home is with mankind. And these men will gather together after the great day of God and they will provide direction and all men will benefit from the loving work that they do. For though these men could be a kingdom in themselves they love God and would never do any other than to please God on earth. Some of these 24 have lived before and will live again and some are living now and are known.

Out Of All Nations Will The Great Crowd Arise in Peace and Unity

But know that not all who call the name and who claim to come in that name, know the God who bears that name. For many make false prophecies in that name. Beware of the false prophet. Beware of the false prophecy. I say to you again that if men have made false prophecies they are not from the Christ. Have courage and understand and see for it is not hard to determine the false prophet. And there are those who come in the name of Jehovah and they treat children with disrespect and they even thrust aside family members who are lost. Even in their need they thrust them aside. And they forget the ways of the father. Like the Pharisees of old they claim to be righteous but are not. Judgement will be heavy upon such ones. And even now they are confused and they do not know what to believe. And yet I bear witness that some of you are genuine and you love truth. Let go of the wrongdoing and the wrong thinking. For men speak in the name of the Christ but not with the voice of the Christ. Christ exercised compassion. And so can you.

simple Bible Truth. Jehovah's Witness Elijah Last Days

Christs message Is To Families and Individuals

You though must be humble. Be joyful. Extend your hands in friendship and love. Reach out to your family in love. Feel peace with God. Christ has many things yet to share with us and we do not know everything. This trying to know the answer to every question before it is revealed is wearisome. Wait on the Christ and you will soon know all things.

Happiness And Peace

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